Global PV Tracker is a market intelligence tool designed to support medical product and pharmaceutical companies in their strategic planning efforts. The resource quantifies current procedure volumes and forecasts trends, opportunities and competitive threats in key medical markets.

Regional & Country Data:

Identify trends and opportunities in patient caseloads and procedure volumes from a geographic perspective. These databases are critical for medical product and pharmaceutical companies looking to identify new opportunities by geography, prioritize strategic efforts, invest resources properly, and minimize threats.

Medical Segment Data

Trend & Opportunity (T&O) Reports


PV dashboards are used to support and inform C-level executives that require immediate access to trends and supporting data to make informed strategic decisions faster. Global dashboards, market dashboards, and custom dashboards are available to PV Tracker subscribers.

Online Platform

PV Tracker subscribers receive access to a simple and easy-to-use online tool which allows them to:

  • Download, country, market and procedure forecasts (Excel)
  • Download Trend & Opportunity Reports (PDF)
  • Visualize, Chart, Customize and Export Data
  • Manipulate Data and Perform Custom Analysis

Analyst Support & Data Customization

PV Tracker subscribers receive full analyst support and credits to request custom data cuts and procedure additions.


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