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This report includes an overview of blood glucose monitoring devices, technological innovations, competition, trends, and expected market growth. Market analysis includes 5-year market forecasts by segment and region, drivers/limiters, market share, and corporate strategies for success.


  • The blood glucose monitoring devices market totalled more than $6.6bn in 2017.
  • The market includes two segments: blood glucose meters (BGMs) and new continuous blood glucose monitoring systems (CGMs).
  • The CGMs segment is exhibiting double-digit growth and is expected to drive the market forward, while the larger BGMs segment is declining due to cuts in reimbursement, market saturation of lower-cost meters, and other factors.
  • The blood glucose monitoring devices market will be driven by the large and growing prevalence of diabetes worldwide and the strong need for accurate blood glucose monitoring devices for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes on insulin therapy, as well as to prevent the progression of diabetes in the larger non-insulin dependent population, and to control spiralling diabetes-related healthcare costs. The market will also be driven by greater availability and affordability of next-generation, wireless, smartphone-based diabetes management systems & non-invasive wearables, such as glucose monitoring patches.
  • What is the value of the global blood glucose monitoring devices markets? What is the expected growth for each segment over the next 5 years?
  • What is the expected market growth by major region of the world (US, 5EU, Japan, and RoW)?
  • What are key market drivers & limiters?
  • Who are the leading competitors? What is their estimated market share, and strategic growth strategies?
  • Technological innovations & trends?
  • What emerging start-ups have developed innovative technologies that may impact the market?

Executive Summary 

i. Report overview
ii. Disease(s) overview
iii. Blood glucose monitoring devices market
	a. Market drivers and limiters
	b. Blood glucose meters segment - declining by single-digits 
	c. Continuous glucose monitoring systems segment - expanding by double-digits 
	d. Technology trends - mobile-based smart glucose meters and wearables
	e. Market leaders
iv. Methodology
v. Bibliography 

Exhibit ES-1: Blood glucose monitoring device sales by product segment, combined market forecast ($m), 2017-22 

1. Diabetes Overview

1.1 Diabetes defined
	1.1.1 Symptoms
	1.1.2 Complications 
	1.1.3 Diagnosis and treatment
	1.1.4 Cost of diabetes
1.2 Bibliography 

2. Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices

2.1 Blood glucose meters
	2.1.1 Abbott
	2.1.2 Ascensia Diabetes Care/PHC Holdings Corporation 
	2.1.3 LifeScan/Platinum Equity
	2.1.4 Roche 10
2.2 Continuous blood glucose monitoring systems
	2.2.1 Abbott
	2.2.2 Dexcom 
	2.3.3 Medtronic 
2.3 New or emerging wearable blood glucose monitoring products
	2.3.1 One Drop/Apple Watch 
	2.3.2 Medtronic: glucose-sensing patch
	2.3.3 Nemaura Medical
	2.3.4 Senseonics/Roche
	2.3.5 Verily Lifesciences and others: smart contact lens and CGM patch
	2.3.6 Diabetes monitoring mobile apps
2.4 Bibliography 

Exhibit 2-1: Accuracy of blood glucose meters - top 8 with lowest MARD 
Exhibit 2-2: Selected blood glucose meter brands by manufacturer
Exhibit 2-3: Selected blood glucose meters and features
Exhibit 2-4: The FreeStyle Lite 
Exhibit 2-5: The Contour NEXT One and Contour Diabetes app
Exhibit 2-6: The Contour NEXT Link 2.4
Exhibit 2-7: OneTouch Verio Flex meter with OneTouch Reveal app
Exhibit 2-8: The new Accu-Chek Guide and mySugr app
Exhibit 2-9: Selected continuous glucose monitoring systems by manufacturer
Exhibit 2-10: Selected continuous glucose monitoring systems and features 
Exhibit 2-11: The FreeStyle Libre (10-day) CGM System 
Exhibit 2-12: The Dexcom G6 CGM System with extended 10-day sensor 
Exhibit 2-13: The Guardian Connect CGM System with Sugar.IQ app 
Exhibit 2-14: The iPro2 Professional CGM system with CareLink iPro software 
Exhibit 2-15: One Drop Mobile app integrated with the Apple Watch 
Exhibit 2-16: The SugarBEAT system
Exhibit 2-17: How the SugarBEAT draws glucose from interstitial fluid
Exhibit 2-18: Senseonic's Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and insertion procedure.
Exhibit 2-19: Verily Lifesciences' investigational glucose-measuring contact lens

3. Market Analysis

3.1 Blood glucose monitoring devices market
	3.1.1 Market forecast: global
	3.1.2 Market forecast: by region and segment 
	3.1.3 US market 
	3.1.4 Five major EU markets
	3.1.5 Japanese market
	3.1.6 Rest of the world market
	3.1.7 Market drivers and limiters 
3.2 Competitive analysis
	3.2.1 Market share: global
	3.2.2 Market share: by segment
	3.2.3 Market share: by region
3.3 Corporate profiles
	3.3.1 Abbott
	3.3.2 Ascensia Diabetes Care
	3.3.3 Dexcom 
	3.3.4 Johnson & Johnson 
	3.3.5 Medtronic 
	3.3.6 Nemaura Medical
	3.3.7 Roche 
	3.3.8 Senseonics
3.4 Bibliography 

Exhibit 3-1: Blood glucose monitoring device sales by product segment, combined market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 3-2: Blood glucose monitoring devices market, forecast sales by region ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 3-3: Blood glucose monitoring device sales by product segment and region, combined market forecast ($m), 2017-22 
Exhibit 3-4: Blood glucose monitoring devices market, global share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 3-5: Blood glucose meters market, global share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 3-6: Continuous glucose monitoring systems market, global share by supplier ($m), 2017
Exhibit 3-7: Blood glucose monitoring devices market, estimated share by supplier and region, 2017 

Appendix A: company listing


  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. AgaMatrix, Inc.
  3. Akray USA, Inc.
  4. Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG
  5. Bionime Corporation
  6. Dario Health Corporation
  7. Dexcom, Inc.
  8. F. Hoffman-LaRoche, Ltd. (Roche)
  9. Glooko
  10. IBM Watson Health
  11. iHealth Labs, Inc.
  12. Insulet Corporation
  13. Livongo Health
  14. LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson
  15. Medtronic plc
  16. Nemaura Medical
  17. Nova Biomedical/Nova Diabetes Care plc
  18. One Drop
  19. PHC Holdings Corporation
  20. Platinum Equity
  21. Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC
  22. Senseonics
  23. Sinocare
  24. Tandem Diabetes Care
  25. Trividia Health
  26. TypeZero Technologies, LLC
  27. Verily Life Sciences
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