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This analysis includes a discussion of medical devices, market forecasts, competitors, and opportunities in the global Ophthalmic Surgical Products Market, which focuses on 4 core segments: 1) ophthalmic surgical systems/equipment; 2) intraocular lenses (IOLs); 3) surgical instruments; and 4) micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) devices/implants.


  • The global ophthalmic surgical products market was valued at more than $7.5bn in 2016 and is expected to grow at CAGR of nearly 5% over the next 5 years.
  • The highest volume segments are ophthalmic surgical equipment/systems and IOLs; however, the highest growth segment is MIGS.
  • The US accounted for approximately 40% of the total market in 2016 and is currently the largest market for ophthalmic surgical products, although regions outside the US (China, India, Latin America) represent significant growth potential.
  • The overall market will be driven by highly favorable demographics (and the corresponding growth of eye diseases/disorders associated with aging), particularly cataracts, the leading cause of blindness in the world and the highest volume ophthalmic surgery. However, the highest innovation is presently occurring in the new and emerging MIGS segment for the minimally invasive treatment of glaucoma.
Key Questions Answered
  • What is the value of the global ophthalmic surgical products market? What is the expected growth over the next 5 years? Which segments are leading, and which are lagging?
  • What is the expected market growth by major region of the world (US, 5EU, Japan, and RoW)?
  • What are the key drivers & limiters? Technological trends?
  • Who are the leading competitors, market share by region, and growth strategies?
  • Which emerging technologies are impacting the market? Innovative startups?

Executive Summary
i. Report overview 
ii. Ophthalmic diseases/disorders: focus on high-volume cataract surgery 
iii. Ophthalmic surgical products market: $7.5bn valuation, 4.6% CAGR
	a. Market drivers and limiters: aging population and high-volume cataract surgery
	b. Market segmentation: IOLs and ophthalmic surgical systems (90% of market); MIGS highest growth (40% CAGR)
	c. Technology trends: emerging MIGS and next-generation premium IOLs
	d. Market leaders: Alcon continues to dominate
	e. Competitive strategies: major refocus on eye care divisions and return to growth
iv. Methodology 
v. Bibliography

Exhibit ES-1: Global prevalence of cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma
Exhibit ES-2: Ophthalmic surgical product sales, combined market forecast ($m), 2016-21 
Exhibit ES-3: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated share of revenues by region, 2016
Exhibit ES-4: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated share of revenues by product segment, 2016 
Exhibit ES-5: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated global share by supplier, 2016 

1. Overview of Eye Diseases and Treatment
1.1 Age-related macular degeneration 
	1.1.1 Stages and types of late AMD 
	1.1.2 Diagnosis 
	1.1.3 Causes
	1.1.4 Prevalence
	1.1.5 Treatment
	1.1.6 Prevention
1.2 Cataracts
	1.2.1 Diagnosis 
	1.2.2 Causes
	1.2.3 Prevalence
	1.2.4 Treatment
1.3 Diabetic retinopathy
	1.3.1 Diabetic macular edema 
	1.3.2 Diagnosis 
	1.3.3 Causes
	1.3.4 Prevalence
	1.3.5 Treatment
	1.3.6 Prevention
1.4 Glaucoma surgery
	1.4.1 Diagnosis 
	1.4.2 Causes
	1.4.3 Prevalence
	1.4.4 Treatment
1.5 Refractive surgery
	1.5.1 Laser-based vision correction
1.6 Vitrectomy
1.7 Bibliography

2. Ophthalmic Surgical Products

2.1 Cataract surgery 
	2.1.1 Alcon/Novartis
	2.1.2 Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals
	2.1.3 Johnson & Johnson Vision (previously Abbott Medical Optics)
	2.1.4 Ellex Medical Lasers
2.2 Refractive surgery
	2.2.1 Alcon/Novartis
	2.2.2 Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals
	2.2.3 Carl Zeiss Meditec 
	2.2.4 Johnson & Johnson Vision (formerly Abbott Medical Optics) 
2.3 Glaucoma surgery
	2.3.1 Ellex Medical Lasers
	2.3.2 IRIDEX 
	2.3.3 Lumenis 
2.4 Vitreoretinal surgery 
	2.4.1 Alcon/Novartis
	2.4.2 Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals
	2.4.3 Carl Zeiss Meditec 
	2.4.4 Lumenis 
2.5 Intraocular lenses
2.6 Next-generation intraocular lenses
	2.6.1 ClarVista Medical
	2.6.2 LensGen
	2.6.3 PowerVision
	2.6.4 ReVision Optics
	2.6.5 RxSight (previously Calhoun Vision)
2.7 Microinvasive invasive glaucoma surgery devices
	2.7.1 Alcon/Novartis
	2.7.2 Allergan 
	2.7.3 Ellex Medical Lasers
	2.7.4 Glaukos
	2.7.5 Eye Tech Care 
	2.7.6 InnFocus/Santen Pharmaceuticals
	2.7.7 iSTAR Medical
	2.7.8 Ivantis
2.8 Other emerging minimally invasive devices
	2.8.1 Avedro 
2.9 Bibliography

Exhibit 2-1: Selected leading ophthalmic surgical systems
Exhibit 2-2: Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals' new Stellaris Elite
Exhibit 2-3: Johnson & Johnson Vision's Catalys Precision Laser System and Whitestar Signature PRO Phacoemulsification System
Exhibit 2-4: Alcon/Novartis's WaveLight Refractive Suite 
Exhibit 2-5: Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals' TENEO 317 excimer laser and VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform
Exhibit 2-6: Selected intraocular lenses offered by leading manufacturers
Exhibit 2-7: ClarVista Medical's HARMONI Modular IOL system
Exhibit 2-8: LensGen's two-piece Juvene accommodating IOL for presbyopia 
Exhibit 2-9: ReVision Optics' Raindrop Near Vision Inlay 
Exhibit 2-10: Selected new and emerging microinvasive glaucoma surgery implants 
Exhibit 2-11: Alcon's CyPass Micro-Stent and implantation
Exhibit 2-12: Allergan's XEN Gel Stent
Exhibit 2-13: Glaukos's iStent and pre-loaded inserter
Exhibit 2-14: Implantation of InnFocus's Miniature MicroShunt Glaucoma Drainage System 
Exhibit 2-15: Implantation of iSTAR Medical's MINIject MIGS Device
Exhibit 2-16: Avedro's KXL System used in the cross-linking procedure 

3. Ophthalmic Surgical Products Market
3.1 Procedure volumes: US
	3.1.1 Age-related macular degeneration 
	3.1.2 Cataract surgery  
	3.1.3 Diabetic retinopathy
	3.1.4 Glaucoma 
	3.1.5 Refractive laser surgery
	3.1.6 Vitrectomy
3.2 Market analysis
	3.2.1 Market forecast: global 
	3.2.2 Market forecast: US
	3.2.3 Market forecast: five major EU markets
	3.2.4 Market forecast: Japan
	3.2.5 Market forecast: RoW 
	3.2.6 Market forecast: ophthalmic surgical systems 
	3.2.7 Market forecast: IOLs
	3.2.8 Market forecast: MIGS devices
	3.2.9 Market forecast: surgical instruments
	3.2.10 Survey results 
	3.2.11 Market drivers and limiters
3.3 Competitive analysis
	3.3.1 Market share: global 
	3.3.2 Market share: by region
3.4 Corporate profiles and growth strategies
	3.4.1 Johnson & Johnson Vision (previously Abbott Medical Optics)
	3.4.2 Alcon/Novartis
	3.4.3 Bausch + Lomb/Valeant Pharmaceuticals
	3.4.4 Carl Zeiss Meditec Group/Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
	3.4.5 Ellex Medical Lasers
	3.4.6 Glaukos Corporation 
	3.4.7 IRIDEX Corporation
	3.4.8 Lumenis
3.5 Bibliography 

Exhibit 3-1: Laser therapy for age-related macular degeneration, US procedure volumes Forecast, 2016-21
Exhibit 3-2: Cataract surgery, US procedure volumes forecast (000), 2016-21 
Exhibit 3-3: Diabetic retinopathy laser surgery, US procedure volumes forecast (000), 2016-21 
Exhibit 3-4: Glaucoma surgery, US procedure volumes forecast (000), 2016-21
Exhibit 3-5: Refractive laser surgery, US procedure volumes forecast, 2016-21 
Exhibit 3-6: Vitrectomy, US procedure volumes forecast (000), 2016-21 
Exhibit 3-7: Ophthalmic surgical product sales, combined market forecast ($m), 2016-21 
Exhibit 3-8: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated share of revenues by region, 2016
Exhibit 3-9: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated share of revenues by product segment, 2016 
Exhibit 3-10: Ophthalmic surgical product sales by region and product segment ($m), 2016-21
Exhibit 3-11: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated global share by supplier, 2016
Exhibit 3-12: Ophthalmic surgical products market, estimated share by supplier and region, 2016 

Appendix A: company listing


  1. Alcon, a division of Novartis
  2. ARC Laser GmbH
  3. Avedro, Inc.
  4. Bausch + Lomb, Inc., a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
  5. Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
  6. ClarVista Medical
  7. Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd.
  8. Eye Tech Care
  9. Glaukos Corporation
  10. HOYA Surgical Optics
  11. HumanOptics AG
  12. InnFocus/Santen Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.
  13. IRIDEX Corporation
  14. iSTAR Medical
  15. Ivantus, Inc.
  16. Johnson & Johnson Vision/Johnson & Johnson
  17. LensGen, Inc.
  18. LENSAR, Inc.
  19. Lenstec
  21. Lumenis, Ltd.
  22. NIDEK Co. Ltd.
  23. Novartis
  24. Opthec
  25. PhysIOL
  26. Rayner
  27. RxSight
  28. Quantel Medical
  29. PowerVision
  30. STAAR Surgical
  31. Topcon Medical Systems
  32. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
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