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This analysis includes a discussion of medical devices, current/forecast markets, competitors, and opportunities in the global diabetes management devices market, which focuses on glucose monitoring devices and insulin pump systems.


  • The substantial and highly competitive global diabetes management devices market was valued at more than $9 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR approaching 5%.
  • The highest growth segment is insulin pump systems, expected to expand by a CAGR in the upper single-digits due to strong innovation, automatic insulin delivery, lucrative disposables, and strong demand
  • The largest segment in terms of dollar volume in 2015 was blood glucose monitoring systems due to a broad range of products, large number of competitors, and strong usage by both type 1 and type 2 diabetics worldwide.
  • Demographic trends leading to growth include: increased diabetes caseloads, positive clinical data, and strong technological innovation leading to the adoption of the first approved hybrid closed-loop artificial pancreas (by Medtronic). Additionally, the miniaturization and continued improvement of continuous glucose monitoring, the adoption of wireless, smartphone-driven diabetes management technologies, and the expected launch of several next-generation insulin delivery systems will further enhance growth.
Key Questions Answered
  • What is the value of the global diabetes management devices market and expected growth for leading device (glucose meters vs insulin pumps) segments?
  • What is the expected market growth in various regions of the world (US, 5EU, Japan and RoW)?
  • What are key market drivers & limiters?
  • Which competitors are leading the market and introducing new technology? What is the estimated market share for each?
  • How are technological advancements impacting market growth?
  • Which areas of the market are lagging?
  • What are competitor's growth strategies?


i. Report overview
ii. Diabetes prevalence 
iii. Global diabetes management devices market 
	a. Selected market drivers and limiters 
	b. Blood glucose monitoring devices segment 
	c. Insulin pump systems segment 
	d. Technology trends 
	e. Market leaders 
	f. Competitive strategies 
	g. Emerging competition/startups 
iv. Methodology 

Exhibit ES-1: Diabetes management devices market forecast, by segment, 2015-20 
Exhibit ES-2: Diabetes management devices market forecast, by region, 2015-20 
Exhibit ES-3: Diabetes management devices market, estimated share by region, 2015 

1.1 Overview of Diabetes 
	1.1.1 Symptoms 
	1.1.2 Complications 
	1.1.3 Diagnosis and treatment/prevention The importance of maintaining glucose control Limitations of self-monitoring blood glucose Insulin and usage of insulin pumps 
1.2 Cost of Diabetes 
1.3 Diabetes Prevalence 
	1.3.1 Diabetes forecast for the US, 5EU, and Japan Type 1 diabetes forecast Type 2 diabetes forecast 
	1.3.2 Prediabetes in the US
1.4 New Diabetes Device Technologies, Brief Overview 
	1.4.1 Continuous blood glucose monitoring and patch-based systems
	1.4.2 The world's first external artificial pancreas device system 
1.5 Bibliography 

Exhibit 1-1: Estimated diabetes prevalence, worldwide and by region, 2015 and 2040
Exhibit 1-2: Type 1 diabetes prevalence across the US, Japan, and five major EU markets, by country, 2015-20 
Exhibit 1-3: Type 2 diabetes prevalence across the US, Japan, and five major EU markets, by country, 2015-20 
Exhibit 1-4: Diagram of an artificial pancreas system (an autonomous system for glycemic control) by the FDA


2.1 Selected Blood Glucose Meters 
	2.1.1 Abbott Laboratories 
	2.1.2 Ascensia Diabetes Care/Panasonic Healthcare Holdings 
	2.1.3 LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson 
	2.1.4 Roche 
2.2 Selected Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems 
	2.2.1 Abbott Laboratories 
	2.2.2 Dexcom Dexcom and Google/Verily Life Sciences 
	2.2.3 Medtronic Medtronic/Qualcomm Medtronic/IBM Watson Health 
	2.2.4 Nemaura Medical 
	2.2.5 Senseonics/Roche 
2.3 Bibliography 

Exhibit 2-1: Blood glucose monitoring brands and portfolios offered by leading competitors, 2016 
Exhibit 2-2: Selected new blood glucose monitoring devices, 2016 
Exhibit 2-3: Ascensia's new Contour Next One and Contour Diabetes app 
Exhibit 2-4: LifeScan's new OneTouch Verio Flex 
Exhibit 2-5: Roche's Accu-Chek Mobile all-in-one system allowing "strip-free" testing 
Exhibit 2-6: Selected new continuous glucose monitoring devices/sensors, 2016 
Exhibit 2-7: Abbott's FreeStyle Libre Pro reader device and sensor 
Exhibit 2-8: The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM system 
Exhibit 2-9: Medtronic's Guardian Connect mobile CGM system 
Exhibit 2-10: Medtronic's Enlite Sensor used with the MiniMed 530G insulin pump 
Exhibit 2-11: Senseonics/Roche's new Eversense implantable CGM system 

3.1 Selected Insulin Pumps 
	3.1.1 Animas/Johnson & Johnson 
	3.1.2 Insulet Corporation 
	3.1.3 Medtronic 
	3.1.4 Roche 
	3.1.5 Tandem Diabetes Care 
3.2 Other Insulin Delivery Devices 
	3.2.1 Cellnovo 
	3.2.2 Calibra Medical/Johnson & Johnson 
	3.2.3 Valeritas 
3.3 Bibliography 

Exhibit 3-1: Selected new or emerging insulin pump/delivery systems, 2016 
Exhibit 3-2: OneTouch Ping and Animas Vibe insulin pump systems 
Exhibit 3-3: Omnipod and three-step insulin delivery 
Exhibit 3-4: Medtronic's New MiniMed 630G and 530G insulin pump systems 
Exhibit 3-5: Tandem Diabetes Care's t:slim G4 insulin pump 
Exhibit 3-6: The Cellnovo Diabetes Management System 
Exhibit 3-7: The V-Go Disposable and Wearable Insulin Delivery Device
4.1 Medtronic's Artificial Pancreas - the MiniMed 670G 
4.2 Artificial Pancreas Technology - Under Development 
	4.2.1 Beta Bionics 
	4.2.2 Bigfoot Biomedical 
	4.2.3 Cellnovo 
	4.2.4 Insulet Corporation 
	4.2.5 Tandem Diabetes Care/Dexcom/TypeZero 
	4.2.6 TypeZero Technologies 
4.3 Bibliography 

Exhibit 4-1: Medtronic's MiniMed 670G, the first FDA-approved artificial pancreas 
Exhibit 4-2: Selected emerging artificial pancreas systems and expected launch, 2018-19 
Exhibit 4-3: TypeZero's inControl proprietary smartphone-driven hybrid closed-loop AP algorithm and partnership collaboration 
Exhibit 4-4: TypeZero's inControl smartphone-driven artificial pancreas featuring inControl Advice 

5.1 Global Market Analysis 
	5.1.1 Market drivers and limiters 
	5.1.2 Market forecast: US Reimbursement issues Blood glucose monitors/testing supplies Continuous glucose monitoring devices Insulin pumps 
	5.1.3 Market forecast: 5EU 
	5.1.4 Market forecast: Japan 
	5.1.5 Market forecast: rest of the world 
	5.1.6 Competitive analysis: global Global market share: diabetes management devices (total market) Estimated global market share: blood glucose monitoring devices Estimated global market share: insulin pump systems Competitive analysis: US Competitive analysis: EU Competitive analysis: Japan Competitive analysis: rest of the world 
	5.1.7 Detailed analysis, by competitor Ascensia Diabetes Care (formerly Bayer Diabetes Care) Strategic growth initiatives Abbott Laboratories Strategic growth initiatives Johnson & Johnson Strategic growth initiatives Medtronic Strategic growth initiatives Roche FY2015 FY2016 Strategic growth initiatives Dexcom FY2015 FY2016 Strategic growth initiatives Insulet Corporation FY2015 FY2016 Strategic growth initiatives Tandem Diabetes Care 
5.2 Bibliography 

Exhibit 5-1: Diabetes management devices market forecast, by segment and region, 2015-20 
Exhibit 5-2: Global diabetes management devices market, estimated share by region, 2015 
Exhibit 5-3: Global diabetes management devices market, estimated share by region, 2020 
Exhibit 5-4: Global diabetes management devices market, estimated share by device segment, 2015 
Exhibit 5-5: Global diabetes management devices market, estimated share by device segment, 2020 
Exhibit 5-6: Selected market drivers and limiters for diabetes management devices 
Exhibit 5-7: Diabetes management devices global market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-8: Blood glucose monitoring devices global market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-9: Insulin pumps global market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-10: Diabetes management devices US market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-11: Diabetes management devices 5EU market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-12: Diabetes management devices Japan market, share by supplier, 2015 
Exhibit 5-13: Diabetes management devices RoW market, share by supplier, 2015 



  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. Animas Corporation
  3. Arkray USA
  4. Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG
  5. Beta Bionics
  6. Bigfoot Biomedical
  7. Bionime USA Corporation
  8. Cellnovo Group
  9. Dexcom, Inc.
  10. F. Hoffman-LaRoche, Ltd. (Roche)
  11. IBM Watson Health
  12. iHealth Labs, Inc.
  13. Insulet Corporation
  14. LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson
  15. Medtronic plc
  16. Nemaura Medical
  17. Nova Biomedical/Nova Diabetes Care plc
  18. Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.
  19. Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC
  20. Senseonics
  21. Tandem Diabetes Care
  22. Trividia Health
  23. TypeZero Technologies, LLC
  24. Verily Life Sciences
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