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The global medical devices and diagnostics (MD&D) market made further albeit modest progress in 2013-growing 2.0% to $365 billion-despite continued capital constraints and global economic challenges. Europe saw a modest rebound, whereas growth slowed considerably in the Asia-Pacific region as those nations regrouped. Acquisitions, many of which further consolidated the industry, continued as companies sought to increase sales and expand their penetration of focal and emerging segments and geographies.

Going forward, global MD&D sales are projected to increase at a modest 4.5% real annual rate through 2018 to $454 billion as severe cost constraints in the developed nations are only partially offset by resumed stronger growth in the developing nations. Aging populations and the related epidemics of obesity and diabetes will certainly increase demand for health care in the developed nations; however, cost containment measures will offset much of these gains, and priority will be given to new technologies that can either replace costly therapies or enable early intervention and even prophylaxis for the more expensive medical conditions. Even the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. will not be able to drive immediate sales growth in that country, as the number of newly insured has fallen well below the government's goal and even if enrollment accelerates, it is not certain that these people will be able to continue to pay their premiums. Thus, the large markets in the developed nations are projected to see gains only in the 2% to 4% range. In contrast, emerging nations are expected to see annual growth in the 8% to 10% range as the individuals contributing to their economic growth demand improved, more accessible health care. MD&D companies are contributing to this growth by specifically configuring products to the needs of those economies and the health care needs of their populations. This ability to adapt and innovate will remain a key factor in the future of the industry, as competition intensifies for increasingly scarce health care funds.

The comprehensive report published by Health Research International-entitled "Opportunities in Global Medical Devices and Diagnostics" and distributed exclusively by Life Science Intelligence-provides "must-have" expert analysis of the critical trends and developments impacting the MD&D market through 2018. The 550-page report features more than 150 exhibits encompassing individual market, geographic and competitive assessments for 19 major technology segments (roughly 100 individual product markets), including: cardiovascular technologies; in vitro diagnostics; orthopedics and spine; diagnostic imaging equipment and consumables, urology/renal; wound closure and management; dental; ophthalmic surgery; critical care; energy-based therapies; and endoscopy, among others. These are complemented by statistics and discussions of the major clinical applications driving use of MD&D products, e.g., cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disease, cancer, diabetes, end-stage renal disease, and respiratory conditions. The market models built from the demand side have been compared with and verified by supply-side data developed through detailed analyses of MD&D sales for 2004 through 2013 for more than 650 companies, of which the top 30 are profiled in detail in the report. The end result is what we believe is the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of developments in the global MD&D marketplace to date.

Market by Clinical Application 
Market by Geography Suppliers 

Summary Exhibit 1: Global MD&D Market by Major Technology Segment, 2013 and 2018 
Summary Exhibit 2: MD&D Market by Major Clinical Application, 2013 
Summary Exhibit 3: Geographic Distribution of Global MD&D Market, 2012-2018 
Summary Exhibit 4: Sales of Top 40 MD&D Suppliers, 2010-2013 

1.1 Cardiovascular Disease 
	1.1.1 Global Impact Deaths Morbidity 
	1.1.2 Impact by Geography United States Europe Japan Other Countries 
	1.1.3 Diagnosis 
	1.1.4 Treatment 
	1.1.5 Market Overview 
1.2 Musculoskeletal Conditions (Orthopedics & Spine) 
	1.2.1 Economic Impact 
	1.2.2 Diagnosis 
	1.2.3 Joint Reconstruction 
	1.2.4 Fracture Repair 
	1.2.5 Back Pain 
	1.2.6 Market Overview 
1.3 Oncology 
	1.3.1 Screening and Diagnosis 
	1.3.2 Treatment 
	1.3.3 Market Overview 
1.4 Urologic and Renal Medicine 
	1.4.1 Urology Conditions Prostate Conditions Incontinence 
	1.4.2 Renal Conditions Calculi End-Stage Renal Disease 
	1.4.3 Market Overview 
1.5 Dentistry 
	1.5.1 Major Dental Conditions
	1.5.2 Cosmetic Procedures 
	1.5.3 Dentists 
	1.5.4 Market Overview 
1.6 Respiratory/Pulmonary Medicine 
	1.6.1 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
	1.6.2 Asthma 
	1.6.3 Sleep Apnea 
	1.6.4 Chronic Sinusitis 
	1.6.5 Market Overview 
1.7 Diabetes 
	1.7.1 Statistics 
	1.7.2 Market Overview 
1.8 Gastrointestinal Disorders 
	1.8.1 Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
	1.8.2 Gallstones 
	1.8.3 Abdominal Wall Hernia 
	1.8.4 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 
	1.8.5 Overweight and Obesity 
	1.8.6 Market Overview 
1.9 Otology 
	1.9.1 Statistics 
	1.9.2 Market 
1.10 Ophthalmology 
	1.10.1 Cataracts 
	1.10.2 Refractive Disorders 
	1.10.3 Glaucoma 
	1.10.4 Vitreoretinal Disorders 
	1.10.5 Statistics 
	1.10.6 Market Overview 

Exhibit 1-1: Overview of Major Clinical Applications for MD&D Technology 
Exhibit 1-2: Distribution of Global MD&D Market by Major Clinical Application, 2013 
Exhibit 1-3: Selected Global Cardiovascular Disease Statistics
Exhibit 1-4: Rates of Cardiovascular Disease Deaths for Selected Nations 
Exhibit 1-5: Cardiovascular Disease Deaths as Share of Total Deaths for Selected Nations 
Exhibit 1-6: Factors Contributing to Global CVD Deaths, 2008 
Exhibit 1-7: Prevalence of Selected Cardiovascular Diseases 
Exhibit 1-8: Overview of Major Heart and Circulatory Disorders in U.S. 
Exhibit 1-9: Distribution of U.S. Deaths from CVD, 2010 
Exhibit 1-10: Direct and Indirect Costs of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke in U.S., 2010 and 2030 
Exhibit 1-11: Selected European Data on Cardiovascular Disease 
Exhibit 1-12: Estimated Distribution of Population and CVD in Europe, 2012 
Exhibit 1-13: Rates of Selected Cardiovascular Interventions in European Nations 
Exhibit 1-14: Japan, Leading Causes of Death, 2009-2012 
Exhibit 1-15: Patients Treated for Selected Major Diseases in Japan, 2008 
Exhibit 1-16: Selected Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis 
Exhibit 1-17: Major Trends in Cardiovascular Disease Treatment 
Exhibit 1-18: Overview of Global Osteoporosis 
Exhibit 1-19: Selected Global Cancer Statistics, 2012 
Exhibit 1-20: Selected Urologic and Renal Conditions 
Exhibit 1-21: Global Dialysis Patients, Year-End 2012 
Exhibit 1-22: Dentists by Major Region 
Exhibit 1-23: Selected Respiratory Conditions 
Exhibit 1-24: Diabetics by Geographic Region, 2013 and 2035 
Exhibit 1-25: Deaths Due to Diabetes, 2013 
Exhibit 1-26: Population with Visual Impairments by Region, 2010 
Exhibit 1-27: Global Distribution of Visual Impairment and Blindness by Cause, 2010

2.1 Blood Collection, Banking and Therapy Products 
	2.1.1 Donor Blood Collection, Processing and Banking 
	2.1.2 Blood Collection Tubes 
	2.1.3 Autotransfusion and Blood Salvage 
	2.1.4 Blood Therapy Technologies 
	2.1.5 Markets 
	2.1.6 Market by Geography 
	2.1.7 Suppliers 
2.2 Cardiovascular 
	2.2.1 Rhythm Management Implantable Devices External Devices Market by Geography Suppliers 
	2.2.2 Transcatheter Technologies Interventional Cardiology Peripheral Vascular and Endovascular Products Electrophysiology Neurovascular Market by Geography Suppliers 
	2.2.3 Cardiac Surgery Cardiac Surgery Products Surgical Valves and Repair Products Cardiac Assist Devices Market by Geography Suppliers 
2.3 Critical Care Technologies 
	2.3.1 Overall Market Trends 
	2.3.2 Patient Monitoring 
	2.3.3 Anesthesia Systems 
	2.3.4. Ventilators 
	2.3.5 Hemodynamic Monitoring 
	2.3.5 Market by Geography 
	2.3.6 Suppliers 
2.4 Dental Technologies 
	2.4.1 Equipment 
	2.4.2 Consumables
	2.4.3 Laboratory Products 
	2.4.4 Specialty Products 
	2.4.5 Market by Geography 
	2.4.6 Suppliers 
2.5 Drug Delivery 
	2.5.1 Injection Devices 
	2.5.2 Electronic Infusion Pumps 
	2.5.3 Vascular Access Devices 
	2.5.4 Gravity Administration Sets and Ancillary Devices 
	2.5.5 Enteral Therapy Products 
	2.5.6 External Insulin Pumps 
	2.5.7 Market by Geography
	2.5.8 Suppliers 
2.6 Endoscopy 
	2.6.1 Market by Technology 
	2.6.2 Market by Application 
	2.6.3 Market by Geography 
	2.6.4 Suppliers 
2.7 Energy-Based Technologies 
	2.7.1 Markets by Technology Radiotherapy Electrotherapy Radiofrequency Lasers Ultrasound Microwave Cryotherapy Water-Based Therapies 
	2.7.2 Market by Clinical Application 
	2.7.3 Market by Geography 
	2.7.4 Suppliers 
2.8 Hearing Instruments 
	2.8.1 Market by Geography 
	2.8.2 Suppliers 
2.9 Home Respiratory Care 
	2.9.1 Sleep Therapy & Diagnostics 
	2.9.2 Oxygen Therapy 
	2.9.3 Aerosol Therapy and Suction 
	2.9.4 Home Ventilators 
	2.9.5 Market by Geography 
	2.9.6 Suppliers 
2.10 Imaging  Technologies 
	2.10.1 Diagnostic Imaging Systems Traditional X-Ray Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ultrasound Positron Emission Tomography Clinical Systems Equipment Services Market by Geography Suppliers 
	2.10.2 Contrast Agents, Radiopharmaceuticals and Film Contrast Agents and Delivery Systems Radiopharmaceuticals Markets by Geography Supplier Shares 
2.11 Infection Control 
	2.11.1 Sterilization and Disinfection 
	2.11.2 Patient Skin Prep 
	2.11.3 Surgical Products 
	2.11.4 Geographic Distribution of Market 
	2.11.5 Suppliers 
2.12 In Vitro Diagnostics 
	2.12.1 Overall Market and Segments Centralized Diagnostics (Immuno/Clinical Chemistry) Diabetes Care Professional Point-of-Care/Near Patient Testing Hematology/Hemostasis Blood Gas Analysis Immunohematology Microbiology Histology/Cytology Molecular Diagnostics 
	2.12.2 Market by Geography 
	2.12.3 Overall Market by Supplier 
2.13 Neuromodulation 
	2.13.1 Neurostimulators Spinal Cord Stimulation Deep Brain Stimulation Sacral Nerve Stimulation Vagus Nerve Stimulation Gastric Electrical Stimulation Phrenic Nerve Stimulation 
	2.13.2 Implantable Drug Pumps 
	2.13.3 Cochlear Implants 
	2.13.4 Microstimulators 
	2.13.5 Market by Geography 
	2.13.6 Suppliers 
2.14 Ophthalmic Surgery 
	2.14.1 Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery Products 
	2.14.2 Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) 
	2.14.3 Refractive Surgery Products
	2.14.4 Other Products 
	2.14.5 Market by Geography 
	2.14.6 Suppliers 
2.15 Orthopedic and Spinal Products 
	2.15.1 Reconstructive Implants 
	2.15.2 Trauma 
	2.15.3 Spine 
	2.15.4 Other Orthopedic Products 
2.16 Patient Beds, Wheelchairs and Aids 
2.17 Surgical Tables, Lights & Ceiling Systems 
	2.17.1 Surgical Tables 
	2.17.2 Surgical Lighting Systems 
	2.17.3 Ceiling and Related Systems 
	2.17.4 Market by Geography 
	2.17.5 Suppliers 
2.18 Urology/Renal 
	2.18.1 Dialysis Products Market by Dialysis Type Market by Geography Suppliers 
	2.18.2 Ostomy Products 
	2.18.3 Urine Collection & Management 
	2.18.4 Specialty Products 
2.19 Wound Care 
	2.19.1 Wound Closure Sutures Staplers & Staples Surgical Sealants and Glues Femoral/Vascular Closure Devices Other Wound Closure Products 
	2.19.2 Advanced Wound Management Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Advanced Dressings Market by Geography 
	2.19.3 Suppliers 
2.20 Other Technologies

Exhibit 2-1: Global MD&D Market by Major Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-2: Blood Collection, Banking, Autotransfusion & Therapy, Global Market by Technology, 2011-2017 
Exhibit 2-3: Global Blood Collection, Processing, Banking, Autotransfusion & Therapy Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-4: Cardiovascular Disease Therapies, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-5: Overview of Cardiac Rhythm Management Products 
Exhibit 2-6: Cardiac Rhythm Management, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-7: Global Cardiac Rhythm Management, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-8: Global Pacemaker Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-9: Global ICD Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-10: Global External CRM Market, Supplier Shares, 2012 
Exhibit 2-11: Overview of Transcatheter Cardiovascular Technologies 
Exhibit 2-12: Transcatheter Cardiovascular Products, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-13: Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapies, Global Market by Segment and Geography, 2013 
Exhibit 2-14: Global Transcatheter Cardiovascular Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-15: Global Transcatheter Cardiovascular Products, Supplier Shares by Major Segment, 2013 
Exhibit 2-16: Major Categories of Cardiac Surgery and Assist Products 
Exhibit 2-17: Cardiac Surgery, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-18: Overview of Cardiac Assist Technologies, 2013 
Exhibit 2-19: Global Cardiac Surgery Products, Distribution of Sales by Technology and Geography, 2013 
Exhibit 2-20: Global Cardiac Surgery Products, Supplier Shares by Segment, 2013
Exhibit 2-21: Overview of Critical Care Technology Segments 
Exhibit 2-22: Critical Care Technologies, Global Market by Segment, 2012 2018 
Exhibit 2-23: Global Critical Care Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-24: Dental Technologies, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-25: Dental Specialty Products, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-26: Global Dental Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-27: Overview of Major Drug Delivery Products 
Exhibit 2-28: Drug Delivery Products, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-29: Global Drug Delivery Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-30: Endoscopy Technologies, Global Market by Product Type, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-31: Global Endoscopy Market by Application, 2013 and 2018 
Exhibit 2-32: Global Endoscopy Products Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-33: Overview of Major Energy-Based Therapies 
Exhibit 2-34: Energy-Based Therapies, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-35: Energy-Based Technologies, Global Market by Application, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-36: Global Energy-Based Technologies Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-37: Hearing Instruments, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-38: Global Hearing Instrument Sales, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-39: Overview of Home Respiratory Care Technologies 
Exhibit 2-40: Home Respiratory Products, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-41: Global Home Respiratory Products Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-42: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Consumables & Service, Global Market by Category, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-43: Global Diagnostic Imaging Procedures by Technology, 2013 
Exhibit 2-44: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment & Services, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-45: Global Diagnostic Imaging Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-46: Film, Contrast Agents & Radiopharmaceuticals, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-47: Global Film, Contrast & Radiopharmaceuticals, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-48: Infection Control Products, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-49: Major Steps in Medical Product Reprocessing 
Exhibit 2-50: Comparison of Medical Device Reprocessing Sterilization Methods 
Exhibit 2-51: Sterilization and Disinfection Products, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-52: Global Infection Control Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-53: Overview of Major Types of In Vitro Diagnostic Testing 2-162
Exhibit 2-54: In Vitro Diagnostics, Global Market by Major Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-55: Global Molecular Diagnostics Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-56: Global IVD Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-57: Overview of Neuromodulation Technologies and Applications 
Exhibit 2-58: Neuromodulation, Global Market by Technology, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-59: Neurostimulation, Global Market by Application, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-60: Global Neuromodulation Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-61: Overview of Ophthalmic Surgery Technology Segments 
Exhibit 2-62: Ophthalmic Surgery Products, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-63: Global Ophthalmic Surgery Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-64: Overview of Orthopedic Market Segments, 2013 2-202
Exhibit 2-65: Orthopedic & Spinal Products, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-66: Reconstructive Implants, Global Market by Joint, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-67: Global Reconstructive Implants, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-68: Global Reconstructive Implants, Supplier Shares by Major Joint, 2013 
Exhibit 2-69: Global Trauma Sales by Segment, 2013 
Exhibit 2-70: Global Trauma Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-71: Spinal Technologies, Global Market by Major Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-72: Global Spine Market, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-73: Other Orthopedic Products, Global Market by Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-74: Patient Beds, Wheelchairs and Aids, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-75: Global Patient Beds, Wheelchairs & Aids, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-76: Overview of Surgical Tables, Lighting and Other Fixed Systems 
Exhibit 2-77: Surgical Tables, Lighting & Ceiling Systems, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-78: Global Surgical Tables, Lighting & Fixed Systems, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-79: Overview of Urology and Renal Technology Segments 
Exhibit 2-80: Urology and Renal Products, Global Market, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-81: Dialysis Products, Global Market by Technology Type, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-82: Global Dialysis Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-83: Global Ostomy Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-84: Global Urine Collection & Management Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-85: Global Specialty Urologic Products, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-86: Wound Care Products, Global Market Forecast by Major Segment, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-87: Overview of Major Wound Closure Products 
Exhibit 2-88: Wound Closure Products, Global Sales by Type, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-89: Global Sutures and Staplers Markets, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-90: Overview of Surgical Sealant and Glue Technologies 
Exhibit 2-91: Surgical Sealants and Glues, Global Sales by Type, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-92: Global Surgical Sealants & Glues, Supplier Shares, 2013 
Exhibit 2-93: Advanced Wound Management, Global Market by Product Type, 2012-2018 
Exhibit 2-94: Major Types of Advanced Dressings 
Exhibit 2-95: Advanced Dressings, Global Market by Product Type, 2011-2017 
Exhibit 2-96: Types of Moist Dressings 
Exhibit 2-97: Selected Types of Active Dressings 
Exhibit 2-98: Global Advanced Wound Management Technologies, Supplier Shares, 2013 

3.1 North America
	3.1.1 United States Health Care Statistics Overview Health Care Administration Medical Device Regulation Reimbursement 
	3.1.2 Canada Healthcare Statistics Overview Healthcare Resources Healthcare Administration Medical Device Industry Medical Device Regulation and Reimbursement 
3.2 Europe 
	3.2.1 Major Europe Demographics Health Care Spending and Reform Organization of Health Care Health Care Facilities and Manpower Diagnosis-Related Groups EU Directives Impact of Euro 
	3.2.2 Other Europe 
3.3 Japan 
	3.3.1 Structure of Health Insurance System 
	3.3.2 Health Care Spending and Reforms 
	3.3.3 Health Care Facilities 
	3.3.4 Health Manpower 
	3.3.5 Medical Device Market 
	3.3.6 Product Regulation and Reimbursement 
3.4 Other Asia-Pacific 
	3.4.1 Health Care Spending 
	3.4.2 Health Care Resources 
	3.4.3 Selected Country Overviews China India Malaysia Philippines Republic of Korea Singapore Thailand 
3.5 Overview of Latin American Health Care 
	3.5.1 Brazil 
	3.5.2 Mexico 
	3.5.3 Argentina 
3.6 Oceania 
	3.6.1 Australia 
	3.6.2 New Zealand 

Exhibit 3-1: Trend in U.S. Health Care Expenditures, 2000-2012 
Exhibit 3-2: United States, Health Care Profile, 2013 
Exhibit 3-3: Distribution of U.S. Health Care Expenditures, 2012 
Exhibit 3-4: Canada, Healthcare Profile 
Exhibit 3-5: Trend in Share of Population 65+ Years in Major Europe, 1995-2025 
Exhibit 3-6: Trend in Circulatory System & Cancer Deaths in Major Europe, 
Exhibit 3-7: Health Care Expenditures for Major European Union Nations, 2010 
Exhibit 3-8: Trend in Share of GDP Spent on Health Care in Major Europe, 2000-2010 
Exhibit 3-9: Comparison of Selected European Union Health Care Programs 
Exhibit 3-10: Active Physicians and Nurses by Country, 2006-2007 
Exhibit 3-11: Acute Care Hospital Beds and Utilization, 2006 
Exhibit 3-12: Selected Other European Nations, Health Care Indicators, 2010 
Exhibit 3-13: Health Resources in Selected Other European Nations 
Exhibit 3-14: Trend in Japanese Population, 1995-2020 
Exhibit 3-15: Leading Causes of Death in Japan, 1975, 1990 and 2011 
Exhibit 3-16: Overview of Japanese Health Insurance Programs 
Exhibit 3-17: Japanese Health Insurance Subscribers and Funding 
Exhibit 3-18: Japan, Trend in Health Care Expenditures, 1980-2010 
Exhibit 3-19: Overview of Japan’s Health Facilities and Personnel, 2010 
Exhibit 3-20: Health Care Indicators for Selected Asia Pacific Nations 
Exhibit 3-21: Health Care Resources in Selected Asia-Pacific Nations 
Exhibit 3-22: Mortality Rates per 100,000 Capita by Cause for Selected Latin American Regions 
Exhibit 3-23: Health Care Resources in Selected Latin American Regions 
Exhibit 3-24: Population, GDP and Health Care Spending in Selected Latin American Nations, 2011 
Exhibit 3-25: Australia and New Zealand, Healthcare Profiles

4.1 Abbott Laboratories
4.2 C.R. Bard 
4.3 Baxter International, Inc. 
4.4 Bayer Healthcare 
4.5 Becton, Dickinson & Company 
4.6 Biomet (LBV Acquisition, Inc.) 
4.7 Boston Scientific Corporation 
4.8 B. Braun Melsungen AG 
4.9 CareFusion Corporation
4.10 Covidien plc 
4.11 Danaher Corporation 
4.11.1 Danaher MD&D Products 
4.11.2 Beckman-Coulter 
4.12 Dentsply 
4.13 Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA 
4.13.1 Fresenius Medical Care 
4.13.2 Fresenius Kabi 
4.14 FujiFilm 
4.15 General Electric Health Care (GEHC) 
4.16 Getinge AB 
4.17 Johnson & Johnson 
4.17.1 Johnson & Johnson MD&D 
4.17.2 Synthes, Inc. (DePuy Synthes) 
4.18 Medtronic, Inc. 
4.19 Minnesota Manufacturing & Mining Company (3M) 
4.20 Novartis (Alcon) 
4.21 Olympus Corporation
4.22 Philips Healthcare 
4.23 Roche Diagnostics 
4.24 Siemens AG 
4.25 Smith & Nephew plc 
4.26 St. Jude Medical, Inc. 
4.27 Stryker Corporation 
4.28 Terumo Corporation 
4.29 Toshiba Corporation 
4.30 Zimmer Holdings, Inc. 


  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. C.R. Bard
  3. Baxter International, Inc.
  4. Bayer Healthcare
  5. Becton, Dickinson & Company
  6. Biomet (LBV Acquisition, Inc.)
  7. Boston Scientific Corporation
  8. B. Braun Melsungen AG
  9. CareFusion Corporation
  10. Covidien plc
  11. Danaher Corporation
  12. Danaher MD&D Products
  13. Beckman-Coulter
  14. Dentsply
  15. Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA
  16. Fresenius Medical Care
  17. Fresenius Kabi
  18. FujiFilm
  19. General Electric Health Care (GEHC)
  20. Getinge AB
  21. Johnson & Johnson
  22. Johnson & Johnson MD&D
  23. Synthes, Inc. (DePuy Synthes)
  24. Medtronic, Inc.
  25. Minnesota Manufacturing & Mining Company (3M)
  26. Novartis (Alcon)
  27. Olympus Corporation
  28. Philips Healthcare
  29. Roche Diagnostics
  30. Siemens AG
  31. Smith & Nephew plc
  32. St. Jude Medical, Inc.
  33. Stryker Corporation
  34. Terumo Corporation
  35. Toshiba Corporation
  36. Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
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