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Specialty endoscopic procedures-defined by the scope of this report as including arthroscopic; ear, nose and throat (ENT); neurologic/spine; and thorascopic procedures-continue to expand at a healthy pace, driven by increased demand for higher volume arthroscopic and ENT procedures but also by several advantages of endoscopic surgery, including reduced trauma, reduced scarring, and shorter patient recovery and cost.

The U.S. specialty endoscopic surgery products market (which primarily includes revenues derived from specialty endoscopes, hand instruments and trocars) totaled more than $1 billion in 2009. Over the next five years-despite the ongoing economic recession and uncertainty-this market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 5.7%, approaching nearly $1.4 billion in 2014.

This dynamic report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of products, markets, competitors, and emerging technology and opportunities in the U.S. specialty endoscopic surgery products market. Product areas include: specialty endoscopes, hand instruments, trocars, suction/irrigation and fluid management systems, robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery systems, and surgical navigation systems.

Note: This report excludes general/laparoscopic/pelvic (including gastrointestinal) endoscopic surgery and products, which are the focus of recently published U.S. Markets for General and Pelvic Endoscopic Surgery Products, Report #A568.


i. Specialty Endoscopic Surgery
ii. Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products
	a. Specialty Trocars
	b. Specialty Endoscopes
	c. Endoscopic Video Products
	d. Specialty Hand Instruments
	e. Suction/Irrigation and Fluid Management Systems
iii. Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products Market
iv. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery, Procedures Volumes Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit ES-2: 2010, Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products and Instrumentation
Exhibit ES-3: Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products, Combined Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit ES-4: 2009, Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products Market, Share by Segment
Exhibit ES-5: 2014, Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products Market, Share by Segment


1.1 Advantages, Disadvantages, and Risks
1.2 Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products
	1.2.1 Specialty Trocars
	1.2.2 Endoscopes Specialty Endoscopes Endoscopic Video Products
	1.2.3 Specialty Hand Instruments Scissors Forceps Graspers and Retractors Pencils and Dissectors
	1.2.4 Suction/Irrigation and Fluid Management Systems
	1.2.5 Electrosurgical Systems
	1.2.6 Robotic Surgical Systems

Exhibit 1-1: 2010, Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery Products and Instrumentation


2.1 Arthroscopy
	2.1.1 Arthroscopic Joint Repair Instrumentation Surgical Technique
2.2 Ear, Nose, and Throat Procedures
	2.2.1 Adenoidectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.2 Ear Surgery Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.3 Laryngeal Surgery Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.4 Sinus and Nasal Surgery Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.5 Thyroidectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.6 Tonsillectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.2.7 Uvulopalatoplasty Instrumentation Surgical Technique
2.3 Neuroendoscopy
	2.3.1 Deep Brain Biopsy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.3.2 Cyst Drainage Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.3.3 Ventriculostomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
2.4 Spinal Arthroscopy
	2.4.1 Arthroscopic Microdiscectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
2.5 Thoracoscopy
	2.5.1 Esophagectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.2 Exploration and Lung Biopsy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.3 Mediastinal Cyst and Tumor Resection Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.4 Pneumonectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.5 Spontaneous Pneumothorax Treatment Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.6 Transthoracic Sympathectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
	2.5.7 Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy Instrumentation Surgical Technique
2.6 Procedure Volumes Forecast

Exhibit 2-1: Selected Specialty Endoscopic Surgery, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2009-2014


3.1 Products
	3.1.1 Aesculap/B. Braun Melsungen
	3.1.2 Autosuture/Covidien
	3.1.3 ConMed
	3.1.4 Ethicon Endo-Surgery/Johnson & Johnson
	3.1.5 Smith & Nephew
	3.1.6 Stryker
3.2 Market Analysis
3.3 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 3-1: Autosuture's THORACOPORT Single-Use Trocars
Exhibit 3-2: Autosuture's BLUNTPORT Plus Trocars
Exhibit 3-3: ConMed's Universal and Disposable Cannula Sets
Exhibit 3-4: ConMed's Clear Flexible Cannula Set
Exhibit 3-5: Ethicon Endo-Surgery's ENDOPATH Resposable Dilating Tip Obturator and Housing Assembly System
Exhibit 3-6: Smith & Nephew's CLEAR-TRAC COMPLETE Cannula System
Exhibit 3-7: Smith & Nephew's CLEAR-TRAC FLEXIBLE Cannula System
Exhibit 3-8: Smith & Nephew's ARTHROGARDE Hip Access Cannula Line and CROSSTRAC Hip Guide System
Exhibit 3-9: Stryker's Arthroscopy Cannulae with Speed-Lock Technology
Exhibit 3-10: Stryker's Dri-Lok Disposable Cannulae
Exhibit 3-11: Specialty Trocars, Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 3-12: 2009, Specialty Trocars Market, Share by Supplier


4.1 Endoscopic Technology
	4.1.1 Flexible Endoscopes
	4.1.2 Rigid Endoscopes
	4.1.3 Endoscopic Video Products
4.2 Arthroscopes
	4.2.1 Olympus America/Olympus
	4.2.2 Smith & Nephew
	4.2.3 Karl Storz
	4.2.4 Stryker
	4.2.5 Richard Wolf
4.3 Bronchoscopes
	4.3.1 Fujinon/Fujifilm Holdings
	4.3.2 Olympus America/Olympus
	4.3.3 Vision Sciences
	4.3.4 Richard Wolf
4.4 Ear, Nose, and Throat Endoscopes
	4.4.2 Olympus America/Olympus
	4.4.3 Medtronic
	4.4.4 Richard Wolf
4.5 Neuroendoscopes
	4.5.1 Aesculap/B. Braun Melsungen
	4.5.2 Integra LifeSciences
4.6 Spinal Endoscopes
	4.6.1 Karl Storz
	4.6.2 Richard Wolf
4.7 Market Analysis
4.8 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 4-1: Olympus America's TrueView Line of Arthroscopes
Exhibit 4-2: Smith & Nephew's Direct View Arthroscope and VideoArthroscope
Exhibit 4-3: Karl Storz's Hopkins II Arthroscope
Exhibit 4-4: Stryker's Stainless Steel Arthroscope
Exhibit 4-5: Richard Wolf's Panoview Arthroscope
Exhibit 4-6: Fujinon's Fiber Optic and Video Bronchoscopes
Exhibit 4-7: Olympus America's BF-UC160F-OL8 EXERA Ultrasound Bronchoscope
Exhibit 4-8: Olympus America's BF-XP60 Fiber Optic Bronchoscope
Exhibit 4-9: Vision Sciences' BRS-5000 Bronchoscopy System
Exhibit 4-10: Richard Wolf's Texas R.I.B. and Hemer Bronchoscopes
Exhibit 4-11: KayPENTAX's VNL-1590STi High-Definition Videonasolaryngoscope
Exhibit 4-12: Olympus America's PortaView LF-GP Laryngoscope
Exhibit 4-13: Olympus America's ENF-VQ Video Rhinolaryngoscope
Exhibit 4-14: Olympus America's ENF-VT2 Video Rhinolaryngoscope
Exhibit 4-15: Olympus America's EVIS EXERA II Universal Platform
Exhibit 4-16: Medtronic's ENT-5000 Video Endoscopy System
Exhibit 4-17: Richard Wolf's Adjustable Laryngoscope by Pototschnig
Exhibit 4-18: Aesculap's Angled Neuroendoscope acc. PERNECZKY
Exhibit 4-19: Aesculap's MINOP TR Endoscopic System
Exhibit 4-20: Aesculap's MINOP TREND Endoscopic System
Exhibit 4-21: Aesculap's PaediScope Intraventricular Endoscopic System
Exhibit 4-22: Integra LifeSciences' NeuroView Endoscope
Exhibit 4-23: Karl Storz's EasyGO! Endoscopic Spine System
Exhibit 4-24: Richard Wolf's YESS and Vertibris Spinal Endoscopes
Exhibit 4-25: Specialty Endoscopes, Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 4-26: 2009, Specialty Endoscopes Market, Share by Supplier


5.1 Arthroscopic Hand Instruments
	5.1.1 Arthrex
	5.1.2 ArthroCare
	5.1.3 ConMed
	5.1.4 DePuy Mitek/Johnson & Johnson
	5.1.5 Integra LifeSciences
	5.1.6 Smith & Nephew
	5.1.7 Karl Storz
	5.1.8 Stryker
	5.1.9 Richard Wolf
5.2 Ear, Nose, and Throat Hand Instruments
	5.2.1 Medtronic
	5.2.2 Karl Storz
5.3 Neurosurgical Hand Instruments
	5.3.1 Aesculap/B. Braun Melsungen
	5.3.2 Integra LifeSciences
5.4 Spine Hand Instruments
	5.4.1 DePuy Spine/Johnson & Johnson
	5.4.2 Integra LifeSciences
	5.4.3 Medtronic
	5.4.4 Karl Storz
5.5 Thoracoscopic Hand Instruments
	5.5.1 Bryan
	5.5.2 Karl Storz
	5.5.3 Richard Wolf
5.6 Market Analysis
5.7 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 5-1: Arthex's ClearCut Burr and Serrated Tooth Resector
Exhibit 5-2: ArthroCare's Atlantech Double Tooth Cutting Jaws and Integral Pivot Hinge System
Exhibit 5-3: ConMed's Shutt Series 210 Manual Micro Scissors and  Selected Forceps
Exhibit 5-4: ConMed's Shutt Line of Suction Punch Forceps and Graspers
Exhibit 5-5: Integra LifeSciences' EndoRelease Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release System
Exhibit 5-6: Smith & Nephew's DYONICS ElectroBlade Resector
Exhibit 5-7: Smith & Nephew DYONICS Arthroscopic Resection System
Exhibit 5-8: Smith & Nephew's ECTRA II Carpal Ligament System
Exhibit 5-9: Stryker's Conquest Line of Manual Instruments
Exhibit 5-10: Stryker's Powered Shaver Systems
Exhibit 5-11: Richard Wolf's Family of ARTHROLine Punches
Exhibit 5-12: Medtronic's XPS Powered T&A Blade Set
Exhibit 5-13: Medtronic's Henry Endoscopic Parathyroid Instrument Set
Exhibit 5-14: Medtronic's Terris Thyroidectomy Instrument Set
Exhibit 5-15: Medtronic's FUSION ENT Navigation System
Exhibit 5-16: Aesculap's MINOP Modular Neuroendoscopy System
Exhibit 5-17: Integra LifeSciences' Padgett Supercut Scissors
Exhibit 5-18: DePuy Spine's SPOTLIGHT Access System
Exhibit 5-19: Discectomy, Traditional versus Minimally Invasive Using Medtronic's METRx MicroDiscectomy System
Exhibit 5-20: Bryan's Black X-Line Family of Instruments
Exhibit 5-21: Richard Wolf's PleuroLution Uniport Thoracoscopy Set
Exhibit 5-22: Specialty Endoscopic Hand Instruments,  Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 5-23: 2009, Specialty Endoscopic Hand Instruments Market, Share by Supplier


6.1 Products
	6.1.1 Aesculap/B. Braun Melsungen
	6.1.2 Arthrex
	6.1.3 ArthroCare
	6.1.4 ConMed
	6.1.5 Covidien
	6.1.6 DePuy Mitek/Johnson & Johnson
	6.1.7 ERBE USA/ERBE Elektromedizin
	6.1.8 Smith & Nephew
	6.1.9 Stryker
	6.1.10 Richard Wolf
6.2 Market Analysis
	6.2.1 ArthroCare and Coblation Technology

Exhibit 6-1: Aesculap's GN060 Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit
Exhibit 6-2: Coblation versus Conventional Electrosurgery
Exhibit 6-3: ArthroCare's Atlas System
Exhibit 6-4: ArthroCare's Quantum 2 Ablation System and StarVac 90 ICW
Exhibit 6-5: ConMed's Hyfrecator 2000 Electrosurgical Unit
Exhibit 6-6: ConMed's System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit
Exhibit 6-7: Covidien's AutoSonix Ultrasonic Coagulation Device
Exhibit 6-8: Valleylab's FORCE EZ and FORCE FX Electrosurgical Generators and Accessories
Exhibit 6-9: Valleylab's Tungsten Microsurgical Needles
Exhibit 6-10: Valleylab's Arthroscopic Electrodes
Exhibit 6-11: Valleylab's Cool-Tip RF Ablation System and Switching Controller
Exhibit 6-12: ERBE USA's VIO 300D Electrosurgical Generator
Exhibit 6-13: Smith & Nephew's Vulcan Electrothermal Arthroscopy System
Exhibit 6-14: Stryker's SERFAS Energy RF Ablation System and Crossfire Integrated Arthroscopy System
Exhibit 6-15: Richard Wolf's Surgi-Max Plus Generator
Exhibit 6-16: 2009, ArthroCare's Revenues and Growth


7.1 Products
	7.1.1 ConMed
	7.1.2 Davol/C.R. Bard
	7.1.3 DePuy/Johnson & Johnson
	7.1.4 Smith & Nephew
	7.1.5 Stryker
7.2 Market Analysis
7.3 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 7-1: ConMed's Big Yank Suction System
Exhibit 7-2: ConMed's 24k Fluid System
Exhibit 7-3: DePuy's Fms Duo+ Pump and Shaver System
Exhibit 7-4: Smith & Nephew's DYONICS 25 Fluid Management System
Exhibit 7-5: Stryker's FloControl Arthroscopy Pump and Accessories
Exhibit 7-6: Stryker's InterPulse Battery-Powered Pump
Exhibit 7-7: Stryker's Neptune Waste Management System
Exhibit 7-8: Specialty Endoscopy Suction/Irrigation and Fluid Management Systems, Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 7-9: 2009, Specialty Endoscopy Suction/Irrigation and Fluid Management Systems Market, Share by Supplier


8.1 Robotic-Assisted Surgical Systems
	8.1.1 Intuitive Surgical
	8.1.2 Curexo Technology
	8.1.3 Market Forecast
	8.1.4 Emerging Technologies in Robotic-Assisted Surgery
8.2 Surgical Navigation Systems
	8.2.1 BrainLAB
	8.2.2 GE Healthcare/General Electric
	8.2.3 MediGuide/St. Jude Medical
	8.2.4 Medtronic
	8.2.5 Stryker
	8.2.6 Visionsense

Exhibit 8-1: Selected Procedures Facilitated by the da Vinci Surgical System
Exhibit 8-2: Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci S HD Surgical System
Exhibit 8-3: Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci Si HD Surgical System
Exhibit 8-4: Intuitive Surgical's EndoWrist Instrument
Exhibit 8-5: 2009, Intuitive Surgical's Financial and Procedural Growth
Exhibit 8-6: Procedures that Employ Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci Surgical System
Exhibit 8-7: Targeted Procedures for which the da Vinci  Surgical System May Be Employed
Exhibit 8-8: Robotic-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgical Systems, Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 8-9: Selected Screenshot of the BrainLAB Knee Essential Software
Exhibit 8-10: GE Healthcare's InstaTrak 3500 Plus Surgical Navigation System
Exhibit 8-11: Medtronic's FUSION Electromagnetic ENT Navigation System
Exhibit 8-12: Stryker's iNtellect ENT Navigation Software  and InfraVision Imaging System
Exhibit 8-13: Visionsense's VSII Stereoscopic Vision System


9.1 Arthrex, Inc.
9.2 ArthroCare Corporation
9.3 B. Braun Melsungen AG
9.4 ConMed Corporation
9.5 Covidien PLC
9.6 Johnson & Johnson
9.7 Olympus America, Inc./Olympus Corporation
9.8 Smith & Nephew PLC
9.9 Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG
9.10 Stryker Corporation
9.11 Richard Wolf GmbH



  1. Arthrex, Inc.
  2. ArthroCare Corporation
  3. B. Braun Melsungen AG
  4. ConMed Corporation
  5. Covidien PLC
  6. Johnson & Johnson
  7. Olympus America, Inc./Olympus Corporation
  8. Smith & Nephew PLC
  9. Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG
  10. Stryker Corporation
  11. Richard Wolf GmbH
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