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This new report from Medtech Insight analyzes the market potential for tissue engineering products for musculoskeletal indications. The United States (U.S.) market for tissue engineering products for musculoskeletal applications is substantial, with many segments representing multibillion-dollar opportunities. In the U.S., the total potential market for these products is expected to exceed $39 billion in the year 2019.

Market segments covered by this report include products for the repair and replacement of bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and menisci. Product categories covered include three-dimensional matrices; autologous cultured chondrocytes; bone grafts and bone substitutes; bone morphogenetic proteins and other growth factors; cartilage regeneration implants; cell-mediated gene therapy; ligament, tendon, meniscal, and other soft tissue repair scaffolds; mesenchymal stem cells; recombinant signaling molecules; and other technology under development, such as radiofrequency and ultraviolet technology for cartilage regeneration.

Also provided are analyses of musculoskeletal tissue-engineered products and competitors and an overview of current biomaterial, cell transplantation, gene therapy, stem cell, and tissue regeneration technologies, along with disease incidence and prevalence figures, a review of existing therapies and treatments, and procedure volumes for the most prevalent musculoskeletal diseases/disorders.

This Medtech Insight report is the second in a series of reports covering U.S. tissue engineering markets. Upcoming reports in this series will provide analyses of U.S. markets for tissue-engineered products for neurologic, organ regeneration, skin replacement, and urologic applications. The first report in this series, #A421, "U.S. Markets for Cardiac and Vascular Tissue Engineering Products," was published in June 2010.


i. Overview
	a. Joint Disorders and Treatments
	b. Bone Disorders and Treatments
ii. Tissue Engineering Technologies
	a. Biomaterials
	b. Cell Culture Technology
	c. Stem Cell Technology
	d. Immunoisolation Technology
iii. Tissue Engineering and Cell Transplantation: Musculoskeletal Products Market
	a. Cartilage Repair and Replacement Technologies
	b. Ligament and Tendon Repair and Replacement Technologies
	c. Meniscal Repair and Replacement Technologies
	d. Bone Repair and Replacement Technologies
	e. Market Analysis
iv. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: Tissue Engineering Musculoskeletal Products, Potential Market Forecast, 2009 and 2019


1.1 Selected Musculoskeletal Disorders and Existing Therapies
	1.1.1 Joint Degeneration
	1.1.2 Osteoporosis
	1.1.3 Knee Injuries Articular Cartilage Treatments Arthroscopy Procedure Volumes Osteochondral Autografting and Cell Implantation Meniscal Injuries Meniscal Repair and Meniscectomy Procedure Volumes
	1.1.4 Ligament and Tendon Injuries Procedure Volumes
	1.1.5 Shoulder Soft Tissue Tears Rotator Cuff Repair Procedure Volumes
	1.1.6 Bone Grafts Bone Grafting Materials Autografts Allografts Other Materials Applications Fracture Repair Total Joint Surgery Tumors/Bone Cysts Spinal Fusion Vertebroplasty Potential Bone Grafting Procedures

Exhibit 1-1: United States Actual and Projected Population, by Age Group, Selected Years, 2000-2050
Exhibit 1-2: Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, Procedure  Volumes Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 1-3: Meniscectomy and Meniscal Repair, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 1-4: 2009, Meniscectomy and Meniscal Repair, Procedure Volumes, by Share
Exhibit 1-5: 2009, Ligament and Tendon Repair and Replacement, Procedure Volumes, by Share
Exhibit 1-6: Arthroscopic and Open Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 1-7: 2009, Bone Grafting in Orthopedic/Spine Surgery, Potential Procedure Volumes


2.1 Biomaterials
	2.1.1 Synthetic Biomaterials
	2.1.2 Biologically Derived Biomaterials Collagen Xenogeneic Tissue
	2.1.3 Hybrid Biomaterials
	2.1.4 Genetically Engineered Biomaterials Deoxyribonucleic Acid Transfection Vectors Genetically Manipulated Cells Three-Dimensional Polymer Technology Transgenics Fibroblasts Immortalized Neural Stem Cells Gene-Activated Matrices
	2.1.5 Scaffolds
	2.1.6 Vascular Grafts
2.2 Cell Culture Technology
	2.2.1 Bioreactors Flatbed Perfusion Systems Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Systems Cell Suspension Systems Disposable Bioreactors
2.3 Stem Cell Technology
	2.3.1 Cell Extraction and Expansion
	2.3.2 Bioreactors
2.4 Immunoisolation Technology
	2.4.1 Chimeric Immunity
	2.4.2 Cell Encapsulation Technology

Exhibit 2-1: 2010, Selected Synthetic Biomaterials Used in Tissue Engineering
Exhibit 2-2: 2010, Selected Natural Biomaterials Used in Tissue Engineering
Exhibit 2-3: 2010, Selected Current and Emerging Cell Extraction, Expansion, and Separation Products and Technologies


3.1 Cartilage Repair and Replacement
	3.1.1 Cell Transplantation Techniques Mesenchymal Stem Cells Mesoblast Smith & Nephew Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Ars Arthro Biotechnology/Arthro Kinetics BioTissue Technologies CellCoTec DePuy Mitek with Advanced Technologies and Regenerative Medicine/Johnson & Johnson Geistlich Surgery/Geistlich Group Genzyme Biosurgery/Genzyme Histogenics ProChon Biotech TBF Tissue Engineering TiGenix Other Companies Allogeneic Juvenile Chondrocytes Allograft Plugs Genetically Altered Cells TissueGene Ultraviolet Light
3.2 Ligament and Tendon Repair and Replacement
	3.2.1 Bioreactors
	3.2.2 Scaffolds Allogeneic CryoLife LifeCell/Kinetic Concepts RTI Biologics Wright Medical Technology/Wright Medical Group Xenogeneic Cook Biotech/Cook Group CryoLife DePuy/Johnson & Johnson RTI Biologics Collagen Collagen Matrix Synovis Life Technologies TEI Biosciences Tornier Zimmer Polymeric Biomet Organogenesis Tepha
	3.2.3 Growth Factors Biomet Biologics/Biomet Cytomedix
	3.2.4 Gene Therapy
3.3 Meniscal Repair and Replacement
	3.3.1 Allogeneic Implants RTI Biologics
	3.3.2 Collagen Implants
	3.3.3 Polymeric Implants
	3.3.4 Mesenchymal Stem Cells Osiris Therapeutics University of Pennsylvania
3.4 Bone Repair and Replacement
	3.4.1 Biomaterials
	3.4.2 Growth Factors Recombinant Growth Factors LIM Mineralization Protein Recombinant Protein UCB-1 Bone Biologics NellOne Therapeutics Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Medtronic Stryker TissueGene
	3.4.3 Demineralized Bone Matrix AlloSource Integra LifeSciences Kinetic Concepts Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation RTI Biologics
	3.4.4 Cell Transplantation Autologous Cells Stem Cells Aastrom Biosciences Alphatec Holdings with Parcell Laboratories Cytori Therapeutics Mesoblast NuVasive Orthofix
	3.4.5 Gene Therapy Gene Therapy versus Growth Factors Systemic Gene Therapy Regional Gene Therapy Tissue Repair Company/Cardium Therapeutics
3.5 Market Analysis
	3.5.1 Bone Graft Products Market Allogeneic Demineralized Bone Matrix Products,  Competitive Analysis
	3.5.2 Bone Morphogenetic Protein Products Market
	3.5.3 Market Drivers
	3.5.4 Market Limiters
3.6 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 3-1: 2010, Selected Tissue-Engineered Orthopedic Products
Exhibit 3-2: 2010, Selected Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Repair and Replacement Products
Exhibit 3-3: 2010, Selected Tissue-Engineered Ligament and Tendon Repair and Replacement Products
Exhibit 3-4: 2010, Selected Meniscal Repair and Replacement Products for Tissue Engineering Applications
Exhibit 3-5: 2010, Selected Bone Repair Products for Tissue Engineering Applications
Exhibit 3-6: 2010, Selected Bone Void Fillers/Bone Replacement Materials for Tissue Engineering Applications
Exhibit 3-7: Comparison of Growth Factors and Gene Therapy for Bone Repair
Exhibit 3-8: Gene Therapy Delivery Methods for Bone Repair
Exhibit 3-9: Tissue Engineering Musculoskeletal Products, Potential Market Forecast, 2009 and 2019
Exhibit 3-10: 2009, Bone Grafts and Bone Substitutes Market
Exhibit 3-11: 2009, Allogeneic Demineralized Bone Matrix Products,  Share by Supplier
Exhibit 3-12: Bone Morphogenetic Protein Products,  Market Forecast, 2009-2014
Exhibit 3-13: Tissue Engineering Musculoskeletal Products, Product Introduction Forecast, by Indication, 2014 and 2019


4.1 Histogenics Corporation
4.2 Mesoblast LTD
4.3 NuVasive, Inc.
4.4 Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
4.5 Osteotech, Inc.
4.6 ProChon Biotech LTD
4.7 TBF Tissue Engineering
4.8 TEI Biosciences, Inc.
4.9 Tepha, Inc.
4.10 TiGenix NV
4.11 Wright Medical Group, Inc.
4.12 Zimmer Holdings, Inc.



  1. Histogenics Corporation
  2. Mesoblast LTD
  3. NuVasive, Inc.
  4. Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
  5. Osteotech, Inc.
  6. ProChon Biotech LTD
  7. TBF Tissue Engineering
  8. TEI Biosciences, Inc.
  9. Tepha, Inc.
  10. TiGenix NV
  11. Wright Medical Group, Inc.
  12. Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
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