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To avoid unwanted or an excessive number of pregnancies, many fertile couples practice some form of contraception. Other couples who are unable to conceive invest significant time and resources in infertility management techniques in an effort to achieve pregnancy. Products used for female contraception include contraceptive drugs (e.g., film, foam, gel/cream, implantable, injectable, oral, patch-based, and suppository formulations) and contraceptive devices (e.g., cervical caps, diaphragms, intrauterine devices [IUDs], sponges, sterilization clips and rings, and vaginal rings); products used for infertility management include infertility drugs (e.g., clomiphene citrate, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists and antagonists, human chorionic gonadotropins, human menopausal gonadotropins, and urofollitropins) and infertility catheters (e.g., those used for embryo transfer, hysterosalpingography [HSG] and hysterosonography, and intrauterine insemination [IUI]). In 2007, combined sales of female contraceptive and infertility management products totaled approximately $3.1 billion, with contraceptive drugs and devices accounting for 86.1% of sales and infertility drugs and catheters accounting for the remaining 13.9% of sales. Over the forecast period covered by this report, total sales are expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 4.5%, reaching approximately $3.5 billion in the year 2010.

This new report by Medtech Insight presents a detailed overview of the U.S. reproduction management products market. Major topics covered by this report include an overview of female reproduction; contraceptive drugs and devices such as oral contraceptives, implants, injections, IUDs, diaphragms and cervical caps, female condoms, vaginal sponges, emergency contraceptives, vaginal rings, patches, mifepristone, and spermicides; developments in contraception such as vaccines, menses inducers, infertility-linked genes, and fertility calculators; fertility treatments such as drug therapy, surgery, IUI, and assisted reproductive technologies; specialty infertility products such as embryo transfer catheters, IUI catheters, and HSG/hysterosonography catheters; and developments in infertility such as blastocyst embryo transfer, transuterine fallopian transfer, hysteroscopic uterine transfer, and egg banks.



i.    Reproduction Management

a.   Overview

b.   Contraception

i.    Oral Contraceptives

ii.    Contraceptive Implants

iii.   Contraceptive Injections

iv.   Intrauterine Devices

v.   Diaphragms and Cervical Caps

vi.   Female Condoms

vii.  Vaginal Sponges

viii. Emergency Contraception

ix.   Sterilization

x.   Vaginal Rings

xi.   Contraceptive Patches

xii.  Mifepristone

xiii. Spermicides

xiv. Developments in Contraception

xv.  Market Analysis

c.    Infertility Management

i.    Drug Therapy

ii.    Surgery

iii.   Intrauterine Insemination

iv.   Assisted Reproductive Technologies

v.   Market Analysis

d.   Combined Market Analysis


Exhibit ES-1:    Female Contraceptive Products, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit ES-2:    Infertility Management Products, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit ES-3:    Reproduction Management Products, Combined Market Forecast, 2005-2010



1.1 Overview of Female Reproduction

1.2 Contraception

1.2.1 Methods Oral Contraceptives Composition Mechanism of Action Formulations Adverse Effects Product Trends Contraceptive Implants Progestin and Combination Injections Intrauterine Devices Diaphragms and Cervical Caps Female Condoms Vaginal Sponge Emergency Contraception Sterilization Emerging Transcatheter Sterilization Techniques Vaginal Rings Contraceptive Patches Mifepristone Over-the-Counter Spermicides

1.2.2 Developments in Contraception Contraceptive Vaccines Menses Inducers Infertility-Linked Genes Fertility Calculator

1.2.3 Female Contraceptive Products Market Analysis Contraceptive Drugs Contraceptive Devices

1.3 Infertility Management

1.3.1 Prevalence

1.3.2 Causes Endometriosis Tubal Infertility Hormonal Factors

1.3.3 Diagnostic Procedures Blood Tests Tissue Examination Endoscopic Examination of the Fallopian Tubes and Uterus Hysterosalpingography/
Hysterosonography Chromopertubation Falloposcopy

1.3.4 Fertility Treatments Drug Therapy Types and Products Suppliers Surgery Intrauterine Insemination Assisted Reproductive Technologies Specialty Infertility Products Embryo Transfer Catheters Intrauterine Insemination Catheters Hysterosalpingography and Hysterosonography Catheters Developments in Infertility Management Blastocyst Embryo Transfer Transuterine Fallopian Transfer/Hysteroscopic Uterine Transfer Egg Banks Infertility Products Market Analysis Pharmaceuticals Specialty Catheters


Exhibit 1-1:      Mechanisms of Fertility

Exhibit 1-2:      2008, Current and Emerging Methods of Female Contraception

Exhibit 1-3:      Relative Activity of Selected Progestins

Exhibit 1-4:      2008, Selected Oral Contraceptives

Exhibit 1-5:      2008, Selected Contraceptive Injectables

Exhibit 1-6:      Indications and Contraindications of Intrauterine Device Usage

Exhibit 1-7:      2008, Selected Emergency Contraceptives

Exhibit 1-8:      Female Contraceptive Products, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-9:      Contraceptive Drugs, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-10:    2007, Oral Contraceptive Drugs Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 1-11:    Contraceptive Devices, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-12:    2008, Procedures Used to Diagnose Infertility

Exhibit 1-13:    Hysterosalpingography and Hysterosonography, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-14:    2008, Infertility Management Approaches

Exhibit 1-15:    2008, Selected Infertility Drugs

Exhibit 1-16:    2008, Surgical Approaches to Infertility Management

Exhibit 1-17:    2008, Overview of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Exhibit 1-18:    2006, Live Birth Rate of Blastocyst Transfer versus Cleaved Embryo Transfer

Exhibit 1-19:    Infertility Products, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-20:    Infertility Drugs, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-21:    2007, Infertility Drugs Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 1-22:    Infertility Catheters, Market Forecast, 2005-2010

Exhibit 1-23:    2007, Infertility Catheters Market, Share by Supplier



2.1       Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2.2       Cook Group, Inc.

2.3       CooperSurgical, Inc./The Cooper Companies,Inc

2.4       Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2.5       Johnson & Johnson

2.6       Merck & Company, Inc.

2.7       Organon BioSciences, Inc./Schering-Plough Corporation

2.8       Pfizer, Inc.

2.9       Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2.10     Wyeth



  1. Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  2. Cook Group, Inc.
  3. CooperSurgical, Inc./The Cooper Companies,Inc
  4. Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Merck & Company, Inc.
  7. Organon BioSciences, Inc./Schering-Plough Corporation
  8. Pfizer, Inc.
  9. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  10. Wyeth
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