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Diabetes affects nearly 24 million people in the U.S. and an estimated 246 million adults worldwide and is the 5th leading cause of death by disease in the U.S. It is also one of the most expensive diseases, costing the U.S. healthcare system more than $130 billion per year. In order to constrain spiraling healthcare costs and limit the progression of full-blown type 2 diabetes and its complications among an aging and increasingly obese population, the development of more affordable and effective diabetes management (self-testing and treatment) products has become a top priority not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

Due to demographics, strong demand, and other factors, the diabetes management products market-including blood glucose monitoring systems, insulin injection devices and insulin pumps, insulin therapies and oral and injectable diabetes drugs-has become one of the largest medical device and pharmaceutical markets in the U.S., totaling more than $15 billion. As the population of diabetics continues to increase, the market is expected to continue to grow at a double-digit rate over the next five years, reaching nearly $28 billion by 2013.

Monitoring glucose levels is critical for the management of diabetes and new and improved portable, less costly, easy-to-use, accurate and virtually painless blood glucose monitoring systems are now available. In addition, new and improved insulin pens are enabling less painful and burdensome daily injection of insulin, helping to spur insulin therapy sales.

In the blood-glucose lowering treatment area, several new drugs, such as Byetta and Januvia have exhibited good safety and efficacy profiles and have reached blockbuster status over the last few years, despite the economic troubles in the U.S. and worldwide. In addition, a substantial number of emerging diabetes drugs are under clinical study by dozens of startup companies and large pharmaceutical companies; with several expected to enter the U.S. market over the next few years. Next-generation diabetes drug therapies are promising to addressing the strong need for safer, long-term blood glucose control, used as monotherapies or in combination with insulin or other oral diabetes drug therapies.

This dynamic, new report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of products, markets, competitors, and opportunities in the U.S. diabetes products market. Product areas include: self-testing blood glucose monitoring systems, continuous blood glucose monitoring systems, insulin therapies, insulin injection devices, insulin pumps, injectable/oral diabetes drugs, and emerging diabetes drugs and technologies, including pancreatic islet cell transplantation.


i. Types of Diabetes
ii. Diagnosis
iii. Management and Treatment
iv. Total Diabetes Management Products Market
v. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: 2007, Selected Diabetes Statistics
Exhibit ES-2: Diagnosis of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
Exhibit ES-3: Diabetes Management Products, Combined Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit ES-4: 2013, Diabetes Management Products, Estimated Share of Sales, by Segment


1.1 Types of Diabetes
1.2 Diagnosis
1.3 Management and Treatment

Exhibit 1-1: 2007, Selected Diabetes Statistics
Exhibit 1-2: Diagnosis of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
Exhibit 1-3: Diabetes Complications


2.1 Glucose Monitoring Systems
	2.1.1 Abbott Laboratories
	2.1.2 Bayer HealthCare/Bayer
	2.1.3 Home Diagnostics
	2.1.4 LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson
	2.1.5 Roche Diagnostics/F. Hoffmann-La Roche
	2.1.6 Others
2.2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
	2.2.1 Abbott Laboratories
	2.2.2 DexCom
	2.2.3 Medtronic
2.3 Lancing Devices
	2.3.1 Abbott Laboratories
	2.3.2 Bayer HealthCare/Bayer
	2.3.3 Home Diagnostics
	2.3.4 LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson
	2.3.5 Roche Diagnostics/F. Hoffmann-La Roche
	2.3.6 Others
2.4 Glucose Monitoring Systems under Development
	2.4.1 Echo Therapeutics
	2.4.2 Epinex Diagnostics
	2.4.3 Sensors for Medicine and Science
	2.4.4 Solianis Monitoring
	2.4.5 Others
2.5 Market Analysis
2.6 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 2-1: 2009, Selected Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 2-2: Abbott Laboratories' FreeStyle and Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 2-3: Bayer HealthCare's Breeze2 and Contour Blood Glucose Meters
Exhibit 2-4: Home Diagnostics' TRUE2go and TRUEresult Blood  Glucose Meters
Exhibit 2-5: LifeScan's OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Meter
Exhibit 2-6: LifeScan's OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Meter
Exhibit 2-7: LifeScan's OneTouch UltraLink and Medtronic's MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 2-8: Roche Diagnostics' ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Blood Glucose Meter
Exhibit 2-9: Roche Diagnostics' ACCU-CHEK Aviva and Advantage Blood Glucose Meters
Exhibit 2-10: AKRAY USA's PocketChem EZ and GLUCOCARD Blood Glucose Meters
Exhibit 2-11: The ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Exhibit 2-12: 2009, Selected Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 2-13: Abbott Laboratories' FreeStyle Navigator Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Exhibit 2-14: DexCom's SEVEN PLUS Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Exhibit 2-15: Medtronic's Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Exhibit 2-16: 2009, Selected Lancing Devices
Exhibit 2-17: Bayer HealthCare's MICROLET2 and MICROLET VACULANCE  Lancing Devices
Exhibit 2-18: Home Diagnostics' Gentle Draw Lancing Device
Exhibit 2-19: LifeScan's OneTouch Lancing Devices
Exhibit 2-20: 2009, Selected Glucose Monitoring Technologies under Development
Exhibit 2-21: Echo Therapeutics' Symphony Transdermal Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Exhibit 2-22: Epinex Diagnostics' G1A Rapid Diabetes Monitoring Index Test Prototype
Exhibit 2-23: Sensors for Medicine and Science's SMSI Glucose Sensor
Exhibit 2-24: Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit 2-25: 2008, Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Market, Share by Supplier


3.1 Insulin Therapy
	3.1.1 Eli Lilly Humalog Humulin
	3.1.2 Novo Nordisk Levemir NovoLog NovoLog Mix 70/30
	3.1.3 Sanofi-aventis Apidra Lantus
3.2 Injectable Diabetes Drugs
	3.2.1 Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly Byetta Symlin
3.3 Oral Diabetes Drugs
	3.3.1 Bayer HealthCare/Bayer Glucobay
	3.3.2 Bristol-Myers Squibb Glucophage Glucovance
	3.3.3 GlaxoSmithKline Avandia Avandamet Avandaryl
	3.3.4 Merck Januvia Janumet
	3.3.5 Novartis Starlix
	3.3.6 Novo Nordisk Prandin
	3.3.7 Pfizer Glucotrol Glyset
	3.3.8 Sanofi-aventis Amaryl
	3.3.9 Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America/ Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Actos
3.4 Generic Diabetes Drugs
3.5 Diabetes Drugs under Development
	3.5.1 Oral and Sublingual Insulin
3.6 Aborted Diabetes Drugs
3.7 Market Analysis
	3.7.1 Insulin Therapy Products Market Forecast Competitive Analysis
	3.7.2 Injectable and Oral Diabetes Drug Therapy Market Forecast Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 3-1: 2009, Selected Diabetes Drugs
Exhibit 3-2: 2009, Selected Types of Insulin
Exhibit 3-3: Eli Lilly's Humulin Insulin Product Line
Exhibit 3-4: Byetta's Effects on Blood Glucose
Exhibit 3-5: Symlin's Mechanisms of Action
Exhibit 3-6: The SymlinPen 120 Injector Device
Exhibit 3-7: Januvia's Mechanism of Action
Exhibit 3-8: 2009, Selected Diabetes Drugs in Late-Stage Development
Exhibit 3-9: Diabetes Drugs under Development
Exhibit 3-10: Insulin Therapy Products, Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit 3-11: 2008, Insulin Therapy Products Market, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 3-12: Injectable and Oral Diabetes Drug Therapy Products, Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit 3-13: 2008, Injectable and Oral Diabetes Drug Therapy Products Market, Share by Supplier


4.1 Insulin Syringes
	4.1.1 Abbott Laboratories
	4.1.2 BD
4.2 Insulin Pens
	4.2.1 Eli Lilly
	4.2.2 Novo Nordisk
	4.2.3 sanofi-aventis
	4.2.4 Owen Mumford
4.3 External Insulin Pump Systems
	4.3.1 Animas/Johnson & Johnson
	4.3.2 Smiths Medical/Smiths Group
	4.3.3 Insulet
	4.3.4 Medtronic
	4.3.5 Roche Diagnostics/F. Hoffmann-La Roche
	4.3.6 Others
4.4 Insulin Jet Injectors
4.5 Market Analysis
	4.5.1 External Insulin Pump Systems Market Forecast Competitive Analysis
	4.5.2 Insulin Pens and Syringes Market Forecast Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 4-1: 2009, Selected Insulin Syringes
Exhibit 4-2: Abbott Laboratories' Precision Sure-Dose Insulin Syringe
Exhibit 4-3: The BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe
Exhibit 4-4: BD's Safety-Engineered Insulin Syringes
Exhibit 4-5: BD's Ultra-Fine Insulin Pen Needles
Exhibit 4-6: 2009, Selected Insulin Pens
Exhibit 4-7: Eli Lilly's Line of Prefilled Insulin Pens
Exhibit 4-8: Eli Lilly's HumaPen MEMOIR and LUXURA HD Insulin Pens
Exhibit 4-9: Novo Nordisk's FlexPen Insulin Pens
Exhibit 4-10: Novo Nordisk's NovoPen 4 Insulin Pens
Exhibit 4-11: Sanofi-aventis' Lantus SoloStar Insulin Pen
Exhibit 4-12: Owen Mumford's Autopen Insulin Pen
Exhibit 4-13: Diagram of External Insulin Pump Therapy
Exhibit 4-14: 2009, Selected External Insulin Pump Systems
Exhibit 4-15: Animas' OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System
Exhibit 4-16: Smiths Medical's Deltec Cozmo Insulin Pump
Exhibit 4-17: Insulet's OmniPod Insulin Management System
Exhibit 4-18: Medtronic's MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump
Exhibit 4-19: Roche Diagnostics' ACCU-CHEK Spirit Insulin Pump
Exhibit 4-20: Nipro Diabetes Systems' Amigo Insulin Pump
Exhibit 4-21: Activa Brand Products' AvantaJet Insulin Injector
Exhibit 4-22: External Insulin Pump Systems, Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit 4-23: 2008, External Insulin Pump Systems Market, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 4-24: Insulin Pens and Syringes, Market Forecast, 2008-2013
Exhibit 4-25: 2008, Insulin Pens Market, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 4-26: 2008, Insulin Syringes Market, Share by Supplier


5.1 Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation
	5.1.1 Cerco Medical
	5.1.2 Geron
	5.1.3 MicroIslet
	5.1.4 Novocell
	5.1.5 Opexa Therapeutics
	5.1.6 Senesco Technologies
	5.1.7 Sernova
5.2 Umbilical Cord Blood Transfusion

Exhibit 5-1: Diagram of the Pancreas and Islets of Langerhans
Exhibit 5-2: Pancreatic Islet Transplantation Procedure
Exhibit 5-3: Edmonton Protocol and Research Development
Exhibit 5-4: 2009, Selected Emerging Stem Cell and Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation Technologies
Exhibit 5-5: Cerco Medical's Definition of a Bio-Artificial Pancreas and Islet Sheet Technology
Exhibit 5-6: MicroIslet's Encapsulated Porcine Islet Technology
Exhibit 5-7: Opexa Therapeutics' Monocyte-Derived Stem Cell Technology


6.1 Abbott Laboratories
6.2 Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
6.3 Bayer HealthCare AG/Bayer AG
6.4 Home Diagnostics, Inc.
6.5 Johnson & Johnson
6.6 Eli Lilly and Company
6.7 Medtronic, Inc.
6.8 Merck & Company, Inc.
6.9 Novo Nordisk AS
6.10 Roche Diagnostics/F. Hoffmann-La Roche LTD
6.11 sanofi-aventis
6.12 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD
6.13 Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America/Takeda Pharmaceutical Company



  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  3. Bayer HealthCare AG/Bayer AG
  4. Home Diagnostics, Inc.
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Eli Lilly and Company
  7. Medtronic, Inc.
  8. Merck & Company, Inc.
  9. Novo Nordisk AS
  10. Roche Diagnostics/F. Hoffmann-La Roche LTD
  11. sanofi-aventis
  12. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD
  13. Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America/Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
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