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This report provides a summary of the nearly $2 billion U.S. patient monitoring devices market, which (for the purposes of this report) includes the following 5 segments: i.) pulse oximetry, ii.) cerebral oximetry, iii.) brain function monitors, iv.) hemodynamic monitoring devices, and v.) multi-parameter vital signs monitoring systems.

In 2014, the largest segment-vital signs monitors-comprised the vast majority of sales, at approximately 51.6% of the total market, followed by pulse oximetry devices (comprising 29.9%), hemodynamic/cardiac output monitoring devices (10.3%), cerebral oximetry devices (4.6%), and brain function monitoring devices (3.6%). Overall, this large and burgeoning market is growing at a better-than-average compound annual rate of nearly 5%.

As the intensity of care and acuity of patients admitted to hospitals increases amid ongoing nursing shortages, hospital budget constraints, and decreasing hospital lengths of stay, the need for more efficient patient monitoring will continue to increase, especially to patients with life-threatening conditions. Despite the lingering economic uncertainty and financial constraints that have affected many medical device markets, next-generation noninvasive and minimally invasive patient monitoring products will remain in great demand, particularly those that provide more accurate algorithms, real-time monitoring and alerts, easier-to-use functions, portability throughout the continuum of care (from hospital critical care to less acute settings, as well as home monitoring), remote access/wireless capabilities and wearability, smarter alarms, enhanced vital sign trending and analysis, improved electronic medical record management and seamless transfer of patient data and alerts to clinicians, and other advanced features.

This dynamic, new report from Medtech Insight includes a profile of dozens of selected leading, new or emerging products, a comprehensive market analysis, including expected segment growth, drivers/limiters, and market forecasts (from 2014-2019), competitive analysis including 2014 market share by supplier, and opportunities. Specifically, this report covers noninvasive/minimally invasive patient monitoring devices, including: pulse oximetry devices; cerebral oximetry devices; brain function monitoring devices (noninvasive brain function monitors and sensors to assess patient level-of-consciousness); hemodynamic monitoring devices (pulmonary artery catheters [PACs] and noninvasive/minimally invasive cardiac output [CO] monitoring systems); and vital signs monitoring systems (modular, portable, and telemetry multi-parameter vital signs monitoring systems). Additionally, emerging "wearables" or remote patient monitoring devices are also discussed, a fast-growing area of technological development.


i. U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market
Ii. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market, Combined Sales, 2014-2019
Exhibit ES-2: 2014, U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market, Share by Segment


1.1 Selected Products
	1.1.1 Masimo Corporation
	1.1.2 Medtronic plc (Covidien)
	1.1.3 Nonin Medical
1.2 Market Analysis
1.3 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 1-1: 2015, Selected Pulse Oximetry Systems Offered by Medtronic and Masimo
Exhibit 1-2: Masimo's new Root Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform
Exhibit 1-3: Benefits of Masimo SET Pulse Oximetry Technology
Exhibit 1-4: Masimo's Radius-7 Patient Worn Monitor
Exhibit 1-5: Masimo's New MightySat Rx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Exhibit 1-6: The Nellcor Bedside Respiratory Patient Monitoring System and Nellcor N-560 Pulse Oximetry Monitor with OxiMax
Exhibit 1-7: The New Nellcor Portable SpO2 Patient Monitoring System and Various Applications
Exhibit 1-8: Nonin Medical's Onyx Vantage, Onyx II and WristOx2 Wireless Pulse Oximeters
Exhibit 1-9: Pulse Oximetry Devices, U.S. Market Forecast, 2014-2019
Exhibit 1-10: 2014, U.S. Pulse Oximetry Devices Market, Share by Supplier


2.1 Selected Products
	2.1.1 CAS Medical Systems
	2.1.2 Masimo Corporation
	2.1.3 Medtronic plc
	2.1.4 Nonin Medical
	2.1.5 Noninvasix, Inc.
	2.1.6 Ornim Medical
	2.1.7 Spectros Medical
2.2 Market Analysis
2.3 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 2-1: CAS Medical's Noninvasive FORESIGHT ELITE Cerebral Tissue Oximeter
Exhibit 2-2: Masimo's New Root Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform, Utilizing the Recently CE Marked O3 Regional Oximetry
Exhibit 2-3: Medtronic's INVOS Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter
Exhibit 2-4: Nonin Medical's SenSmart Model X-100 Universal Oximeter System
Exhibit 2-5: Noninvasix's Noninvasive Optoacoustics Fetal Monitor
Exhibit 2-6: Ornim's C-Flow Noninvasive Cerebral Blood Flow Monitor
Exhibit 2-7: Cerebral Oximetry Devices, Market Forecast, 2014-2019
Exhibit 2-8: 2014, Cerebral Oximetry Devices Market, Share by Supplier


3.1 Intraoperative Awareness
3.2 Anesthesia Monitoring
3.3 Sedation Management
3.4 Selected Products
	3.4.1 Medtronic plc
	3.4.2 Masimo Corporation
	3.4.3 Stryker
3.5 Market Analysis
3.6 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 3-1: Medtronic/Covidien's BIS Technology
Exhibit 3-2: Masimo's SedLine Brain Function Monitoring for the Root Patient Monitoring Platform
Exhibit 3-2: Noninvasive Brain Function Monitors, Market Forecast, 2014-2019
Exhibit 3-3: 2014, Noninvasive Brain Function Monitors Market, Share by Supplier


4.1 Pulmonary Artery Catheters
	4.1.1 Indications for Use
	4.1.2 Utilization Debate
	4.1.3 Selected Products Argon Medical Devices Arrow International/Teleflex Biosensors International Edwards Lifesciences ICU Medical
4.2 Noninvasive and Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring
	4.2.1 Bioimpedance
	4.2.2 Doppler Ultrasound
	4.2.3 Noninvasive Finger-Cuff Technology
	4.2.4 Arterial Waveform Analysis
	4.2.5 Selected Products Cardiotronic/Osypka Medical Cheetah Medical Deltex Medical Edwards Lifesciences Fujifilm SonoSite/Fujifilm Holdings Hemo Sapiens LiDCO Uscom Ltd.
	4.2.6 Market Analysis
	4.2.7 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 4-1: Edwards Lifesciences' Swan-Ganz Thermodilution PACs
Exhibit 4-2: ICU Medical's OptiQ Pulmonary Artery SvO2/CCO Catheter and Q2 Plus Computer
Exhibit 4-3: How Impedance Cardiography Works
Exhibit 4-4: Cardiotronic's Noninvasive Electrical Cardiometry Technology
Exhibit 4-5: Cheetah Medical's NICOM’s Noninvasive Bioreactance Technology
Exhibit 4-6: Cheetah Medical's New Starling SV Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System
Exhibit 4-7: Edwards Lifesciences' New ClearSight System for Advanced, Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring
Exhibit 4-8: Edwards Lifesciences' Flotrac Sensor
Exhibit 4-9: LiDCO's LiDCOrapid Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System and LiDCO Sensor
Exhibit 4-10: USCOM Ltd.'s USCOM 1A Ultrasonic Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System
Exhibit 4-11: Hemodynamic Monitoring Devices, Market Forecast, 2014-2019
Exhibit 4-12: 2014, Hemodynamic Monitoring Devices, Share by Supplier


5.1 Information Integration
5.2 Electronic Medical Records
5.3 Meaningful Use
5.4 Wireless Medical Telemetry Service
5.5 Mobile and Wireless Applications
5.6 Vital Signs Monitoring Systems
	5.6.1 Criticare Systems
	5.6.2 Drager Medical/Dragerwerk
	5.6.3 Fukuda Denshi USA/Fukuda Denshi Co. Ltd.
	5.6.4 GE Healthcare/GE
	5.6.5 Mennen Medical USA/Mennen Medical
	5.6.6 Mindray North America/Mindray Medical International Ltd.
	5.6.7 Philips Healthcare/Koninklijke Philips N.V.
	5.6.8 Spacelabs Healthcare/OSI Systems
	5.6.9 Welch Allyn
5.7 Telemetry Monitoring Systems
	5.7.1 Drager Medical/Drägerwerk
	5.7.2 GE Healthcare/GE
	5.7.3 Mindray North America/Mindray Medical International Ltd.
	5.7.4 Nihon Kohden America/Nihon Kohden Corporation
	5.7.5 Philips Healthcare/Koninklijke Philips N.V.
	5.7.6 Spacelabs Healthcare
5.8 Market Analysis
	5.8.1 Market Forecast
	5.8.2 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 5-1: 2015, Leading U.S. Suppliers of Vital Signs Monitoring Systems and Selected Products
Exhibit 5-2: Selected Characteristics and Performance Requirements for Portable Vital Signs Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 5-3: Criticare System's Portable eQuality and VitalCare Vital Signs Monitors
Exhibit 5-4: Drager Medical's Infinity Delta and Infinity Delta XL Patient Monitors
Exhibit 5-5: Drager Medical's Infinity Gamma XL
Exhibit 5-6: Drager Medical's Infinity Mobile M540 Monitor and M500 Docking Station
Exhibit 5-7: Fukuda Denshi USA's New Dynascope 7000Series DS-7200 Bedside Monitor
Exhibit 5-8: GE Healthcare's New B40 Patient Monitor
Exhibit 5-9: GE Healthcare's CARESCAPE V100 Monitor
Exhibit 5-10: GE Healthcare's CARESCAPE Monitor B850
Exhibit 5-11: Mennen Medical's New MennMove 3 Vital Signs Monitor
Exhibit 5-12: Mennen Medical's VitaLogik 4000 Vital Signs Monitor
Exhibit 5-13: Mindray's Portable Duo Vital Signs Monitor
Exhibit 5-14: Philip's Healthcare's IntelliVue MP5SC Spot-Check Monitor
Exhibit 5-15: Philips Healthcare's IntelliVue MP90 Bedside Monitor
Exhibit 5-16: Philips Healthcare's New IntelliVue MX550 Bedside and Transport Energy Savings Monitor
Exhibit 5-17: Philip's Healthcare's SureSigns VS3 and VS4 Patient Monitors
Exhibit 5-18: Spacelab Healthcare's Ultraview DM3 Dual Monitor
Exhibit 5-19: Spacelab's XPREZZON Bedside Patient Monitor
Exhibit 5-20: Spacelab's Qube Modular Patient Monitor
Exhibit 5-21: Spacelab Healthcare's New Xhibit Central Station
Exhibit 5-22: Welch Allyn's Connex Vital Signs Monitor
Exhibit 5-23: Welch Allyn's Spot Vital Signs Monitor
Exhibit 5-24: Welch Allyn's New Connex Spot Monitor
Exhibit 5-25: Welch Allyn's Propaq LT Monitor
Exhibit 5-26: Selected Characteristics and Performance Requirements for Telemetry Vital Signs Monitoring Systems
Exhibit 5-27: Drager Medical's Infinity M300 Telemetry Monitor
Exhibit 5-28: GE Healthcare's ApexPro CH and ApexPro FH Telemetry Systems
Exhibit 5-29: GE Healthcare's CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers
Exhibit 5-30: Mindray's New BeneVision TD60 Display Telemetry Transmitter
Exhibit 5-31: Nihon Kohden's NTX Multi Parameter Ambulatory Transmitter and ZM Ambulatory Transmitters
Exhibit 5-32: Philips Healthcare's IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Patient Monitor
Exhibit 5-33: Philips Healthcare's IntelliVue Nondiagnostic Mobile Caregiver App
Exhibit 5-34: Spacelab's AriaTele Telemetry Transmitter
Exhibit 5-35: Vital Signs Monitoring Systems, Market Forecast, 2014-2019
Exhibit 5-36: 2014, Vital Signs Monitoring Systems, Share by Supplier


6.1 Selected Emerging Monitoring Devices
	6.1.1 Acarix A/S
	6.1.2 Cerora
	6.1.3 Eko Devices, Inc.
	6.1.4 Alcon/Novartis and Google[x]
	6.1.5 iRhythm Technologies
	6.1.6 Medtronic plc
	6.1.7 Nonin Medical
	6.1.8 Oxitone Medical Ltd.
	6.1.9 Proteus Digital Health
	6.1.10 Vital Connect

Exhibit 6-1: The Noninvasive Acarix A/S CADScor System for Detection of Coronary Murmurs
Exhibit 6-2: Cerora's Cerora Borealis Neurodiagnostics Technology for Monitoring Concussions
Exhibit 6-3: Eko Device's Newly FDA Cleared Eko Core Next-Generation Digital Stethoscope
Exhibit 6-4: Google[x] and Alcon's Smart Contact Lens Glucometer
Exhibit 6-5: Medtronic's New Adhesive SEEQ Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Device
Exhibit 6-6: Medtronic's Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitoring (ICM) System
Exhibit 6-7: Medtronic's Reveal XT Insertable Cardiac Monitor
Exhibit 6-8: Nonin Medical's Apple iOS-compatible NoninConnect Wireless Finger Pulse Oximeter
Exhibit 6-9: Oxitone Medical's Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeter
Exhibit 6-10: Proteus Digital Health's First-in-Class Wearable and Ingestible Drug-Device Platform, the Proteus Discover
Exhibit 6-11: Vital Connect's HealthPatch MD


i. Pulse Oximetry
ii. Cerebral Oximetry
iii. Brain Function Monitors
iv. Hemodynamic Monitoring
v. Vital Signs Monitoring

Exhibit 7-1: U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market, 2014-2019
Exhibit 7-2: 2014, U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market, Share by Segment
Exhibit 7-3: 2019, U.S. Patient Monitoring Devices Market, Share by Segment



  1. Acarix A/S
  2. Alcon, a Novartis Company
  3. Alphabet
  4. Argon Medical Devices, Inc.
  5. Arrow International, Inc./Teleflex
  6. Biosensors International LTD
  7. Cardiotronic, Inc./Osypka Medical GmbH
  8. CAS Medical Systems, Inc.
  9. Cerora
  10. Cheetah Medical LTD
  11. Criticare Systems, Inc./Opto Cardiac Care LTD
  12. Deltex Medical Group PLC
  13. Drager Medical, Inc./Dragerwerk AG & Co. KG
  14. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
  15. Eko Devices, Inc.
  16. Fujifilm SonoSite, Inc./Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
  17. Fukuda Denshi USA, Inc./Fukuda Denshi Co. LTD
  18. GE Healthcare, Inc./General Electric Company
  19. Hemo Sapiens, Inc.
  20. ICU Medical, Inc.
  21. iRhythm Technologies, Inc.
  22. LiDCO LTD
  23. Masimo Corporation
  24. Medtronic plc
  25. Mennen Medical Ltd.
  26. Mindray Medical International Ltd.
  27. Nihon Kohden America, Inc./Nihon Kohden Corporation
  28. Nonin Medical, Inc.
  29. Noninvasix, Inc.
  30. Ornim Medical
  31. Oxitone Medical Ltd.
  32. Otsuka America
  33. Philips Healthcare, Inc./Royal Philips NV
  34. Proteus Digital Health
  35. Spacelabs Healthcare/OSI Systems, Inc.
  36. Spectros Corporation
  37. Stryker Corporation
  38. Uscom LTD
  39. Vital Connect
  40. Welch Allyn, Inc.
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