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Each year in the U.S., approximately 30 million children and teens participate in organized sports, and more than 200 million adults participate in non-work-related sports or recreational activities. Although these activities are generally beneficial to one's health, they do involve the risk of injury and associated healthcare costs. Each year, nearly 5 million people in the U.S. receive medical treatment for sports injuries including sprains/strains, dislocations/fractures, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and muscle/tendon tears.

This dynamic new report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of products, current/forecast markets, competitors, and opportunities in the U.S. sports medicine devices market. Product areas covered by the scope of this report include conservative sports medicine products (e.g., bandages, functional braces, heat/cold therapy products, nonprescription systemic analgesics, prescription NSAIDs, splints and wraps, and synovial fluid replacement products), arthroscopy products (e.g., arthroscopic visualization products, fluid management products, manual instruments, and powered instruments), and surgical implants (e.g., cartilage regeneration products, cruciate ligament fixation devices, ligament/tendon regeneration products, meniscal fixation devices, meniscal regeneration products, and shoulder fixation devices).

In 2013, combined sales of sports medicine products in the U.S. totaled approximately $13.0 billion; of this, conservative care products accounted for 81% of sales (mostly due to sales of OTC and non-narcotic prescription pain medication), arthroscopic products accounted for 10% of sales, and surgical implants accounted for the remaining 9% of sales. Over the forecast period covered by this report, combined U.S. sales of sports medicine devices are expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 3.5%, reaching nearly $15.5 billion in the year 2018.

i. Conservative Sports Medicine Treatment Products Market 
ii. Arthroscopy Products Market 
iii. Surgical Implants Market 
iv. Combined Market Analysis 

Exhibit ES-1: Conservative Care Sports Medicine Treatment Products, Market Share, by Product Segment, 2013 and 2018 
Exhibit ES-2: Arthroscopy Products, Market Share, by Product Segment, 2013 and 2018 
Exhibit ES-3: Surgical Implants, Market Share, by Product Segment, 2013 and 2018 
Exhibit ES-4: Sports Medicine Devices, Combined Market Share, by Product Segment, 2013 and 2018 

1.1 Bandages, Splints, and Wraps 
	1.1.1 Bandages Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	1.1.2 Splints and Wraps Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
1.2 Braces 
	1.2.1 Functional Knee Braces 
	1.2.2 Custom Knee Braces 
	1.2.3 Back and Neck Braces 
	1.2.4 Other Braces 
	1.2.5 Market Analysis 
	1.2.6 Competitive Analysis 
1.3 Heat and Cold Therapy 
	1.3.1 Market Analysis 
	1.3.2 Competitive Analysis 
1.4 Medications and Injections 
	1.4.1 Nonprescription Analgesics Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	1.4.2 Prescription Analgesics Acetic Acid Derivatives Anthranilic Acid Derivatives Cyclooxygenase-2 Selective Inhibitors Enolic Acid Derivatives Propionic Acid Derivatives Salicylic Acid Derivatives Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	1.4.3 Corticosteroid Injections 
1.5 Nutriceuticals 
1.6 Synovial Fluid Replacement 
	1.6.1 Hyaluronic Acid Injection Therapy Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
1.7 Combined Market Analysis 

Exhibit 1-1: Bandages, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-2: 2013, Bandages, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-3: Splints and Wraps, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-4: 2013, Splints and Wraps, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-5: Guidelines for Selecting a Proper Knee Brace 
Exhibit 1-6: Functional Braces, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-7: 2013, Functional Braces, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-8: Heat/Cold Therapy Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-9: 2013, Heat/Cold Therapy Products, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-10: Nonprescription Systemic Analgesics, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-11: 2013, Non-Prescription Systemic Analgesics, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-12: Prescription Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-13: 2013, Prescription Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-14: Advantages and Disadvantages of Hyaluronic Acid Injection Therapy 
Exhibit 1-15: Synovial Fluid Replacement Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 1-16: 2013, Synovial Fluid Replacement Products, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 1-17: Conservative Sports Medicine Treatment Products, Combined Market Forecast, 2013-2018 

2.1 Arthroscopic Knee Surgery 
	2.1.1 Cartilage Repair Surgical Treatments 
	2.1.2 Cartilage Regeneration 
	2.1.3 Meniscal Repair Nonoperative Treatment Meniscectomy Arthroscopic Suturing Meniscal Replacement 
	2.1.4 Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Autografts Bone-Patella-Bone Graft Hamstring Tendon Graft Quadriceps Tendon Graft Allografts Scaffolding Collagen Scaffolds Acellular Tissue Matrices Synthetic Scaffolds 
	2.1.5 Growth Factors and Genes 
2.2 Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery 
	2.2.1 Acromioclavicular Joint Resection 
	2.2.2 Rotator Cuff Repair 
	2.2.3 Thermal Capsulorrhaphy 
	2.2.4 Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation 
	2.2.5 Bankart Repair 
	2.2.6 Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior Lesion Repair 
2.3 Other Arthroscopic Procedures 
	2.3.1 Arthroscopic Elbow Procedures 
	2.3.2 Arthroscopic Wrist Procedures 
	2.3.3 Arthroscopic Ankle Procedures 
2.4 Open Surgical Procedures 
	2.4.1 Achilles Tendon Repair 
	2.4.2 Biceps Tendon Repair
	2.4.3 Gamekeeper's Thumb Repair 

Exhibit 2-1: Causes of Articular Cartilage Injury 
Exhibit 2-2: Outerbridge Classification System for Chondral Damage 
Exhibit 2-3: Prognostic Factors for Arthroscopic Debridement of the Knee 
Exhibit 2-4: 2013, Cartilage-Related Knee Arthroscopies, Procedure Volumes, by Type 
Exhibit 2-5: Comparison of Treatment Options for Meniscal Injuries 
Exhibit 2-6: Surgical Options for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair 
Exhibit 2-7: 2014, Current and Emerging Synthetic Scaffolds 
Exhibit 2-8: Conditions Amenable to Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery 
Exhibit 2-9: Conditions Amenable to Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery 

3.1 Complete Operating Room Systems 
3.2 Arthroscopic Visualization Products 
	3.2.1 Arthroscopes Reusable Arthroscopes Small-Diameter Arthroscopes
	3.2.2 Cameras 
	3.2.3 Video Equipment Light Sources 
	3.2.4 Market Analysis 
	3.2.5 Competitive Analysis 
3.3 Fluid Management Products 
	3.3.1 Market Analysis 
	3.3.2 Competitive Analysis 
3.4 Manual Instruments 
	3.4.1 Market Analysis 
	3.4.2 Competitive Analysis 
3.5 Powered Instruments
	3.5.3 Market Analysis 
	3.5.4 Competitive Analysis 
3.6 Combined Market Analysis 

Exhibit 3-1: Arthroscopic Visualization Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 3-2: 2013, Arthroscopic Visualization Products Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 3-3: Arthroscopic Fluid Management Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018
Exhibit 3-4: 2013, Arthroscopic Fluid Management Products Market, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 3-5: Manual Arthroscopy Instruments, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 3-6: 2013, Manual Arthroscopy Instruments, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 3-7: Powered Arthroscopy Instruments, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 3-8: 2013, Powered Arthroscopy Instruments, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 3-9: Arthroscopy Products, Combined Market Forecast, 2013-2018 

4.1 Tissue Scaffolds and Grafts
	4.1.1 Cartilage Cellular Regeneration Chondrocyte Transplantation Stem Cell Technology Growth Factor Technology Other Developments Scaffolds Polymer Collagen Other Developments Cartilage Resurfacing 
	4.1.2 Meniscus Meniscal Allografts 
	4.1.3 Ligaments and Tendons Allograft Transplants 
4.2 Market Analyses 
	4.2.1 Cartilage Repair and Regeneration Competitive Analysis 
	4.2.2 Meniscal Replacement and Regeneration Competitive Analysis
	4.2.3 Ligament and Tendon Repair and Replacement Competitive Analysis 
	4.2.4 Meniscal Fixation Devices Nonresorbable Devices Bioesorbable Devices Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	4.2.5 Cruciate Ligament Fixation Devices Interference Screws Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	4.2.6 Shoulder Fixation Devices Nonresorbable Anchors Bioresorbable Anchors Bone Screws and Tacks Soft-Tissue Reinforcing Plates Market Analysis Competitive Analysis 
	4.2.7 Combined Market Forecast 

Exhibit 4-1: Cartilage Repair and Regeneration, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-2: Cartilage Replacement and Regeneration Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-3: Meniscal Replacement and Regeneration Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-4: 2013, Meniscal Replacement and Regeneration Products Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 4-5: Ligament and Tendon Replacement and Regeneration Products, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-6: 2013, Ligament and Tendon Replacement and Regeneration Products Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 4-7: Meniscal Fixation Devices, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-8: 2013, Meniscal Fixation Devices Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 4-9: Cruciate Ligament Fixation Devices, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-10: 2013, Cruciate Ligament Fixation Devices Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 4-11: Shoulder Fixation Devices, Market Forecast, 2013-2018 
Exhibit 4-12: 2013, Shoulder Fixation Devices Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 4-13: Surgical Implants for Sports Medicine, Combined Market Forecast, 2013-2018
5.1 3M Health Care/3M Company 
5.2 Arthrex, Inc. 
5.3 Bayer HealthCare AG/Bayer AG 
5.4 ConMed Corporation 
5.5 DJO Global, Inc. 
5.6 Sanofi Group 
5.7 Johnson & Johnson 
5.8 Pfizer, Inc. 
5.9 RTI Surgical, Inc. 
5.10 Smith & Nephew PLC 
5.11 Stryker Corporation 



  1. 3M Health Care/3M Company
  2. AlloSource
  3. Andover Healthcare, Inc.
  4. Anika Therapeutics, Inc.
  5. Arthrex, Inc.
  6. Bayer AG
  7. Bayer HealthCare AG/Bayer AG
  8. Biocomposites LTD
  9. Biomet, Inc.
  10. Bioventus LLC
  11. Bird and Cronin, Inc.
  12. Bledsoe Brace Systems
  13. Breg, Inc.
  14. BSN medical, Inc.
  15. Carbylan Biosurgery, Inc.
  16. Chattem, Inc./sanofi-aventis LLC
  17. ConMed Corporation
  18. Covidien PLC
  19. Cramer Sports Medicine/ Cramer Products
  20. C.R. Bard, Inc.
  21. Davol/C.R. Bard, Inc.
  22. Depomed, Inc.
  23. DePuy, Inc./Johnson & Johnson
  24. DJO Global, Inc.
  25. Dynasplint Systems, Inc.
  26. Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  27. FLA Orthopedics/ BSN medical, Inc.
  28. FrozenPeaz, Inc.
  29. Genzyme Corporation/ Sanofi Group
  30. GlaxoSmithKline PLC
  31. Hartmann USA, Inc./ Paul Hartmann AG
  32. Horizon Pharma PLC
  33. Inion OY
  34. Insight Pharmaceuticals LLC
  35. Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation
  36. Iroko Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  37. Johnson & Johnson
  38. Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc./ Karl Storz AG
  39. Kramer Laboratories, Inc.
  40. LifeNet Health
  41. Mallinckrodt PLC
  42. McDavid, Inc.
  43. McNeil Consumer Healthcare/ Johnson & Johnson
  44. Merck & Co., Inc.
  45. Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.
  46. Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
  47. Novartis AG
  48. Olympus America, Inc./ Olympus Corporation
  49. Orthox LTD
  50. Ossur HF
  51. Otis Clapp & Buffington Pharmaceuticals
  52. OttoBock, Inc.
  53. Pfizer, Inc.
  54. Prestige Brands, Inc.
  55. Procter & Gamble
  56. Pro-Tec Athletics, Inc.
  57. Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation/Richard Wolf GmbH
  58. RTI Surgical, Inc.
  59. Sanofi Group
  60. Shionogi & Co., LTD
  61. Smith & Nephew PLC
  62. Stryker Corporation
  63. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD
  64. Townsend Design/Thuasne Group
  65. Weber Orthopedic, Inc. (dba Hely & Weber)
  66. Wright Medical Technology, Inc.
  67. Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
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