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An estimated 34 million people in the 5 major European Union markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and the Benelux and Nordic regions suffer from chronic back pain, and the incidence is expected to increase over the next several years, largely due to an expanding elderly population and the growing incidence of degenerative disc disease.

This dynamic new report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of products, current/forecast markets, competitors, and opportunities in the European market for nonfusion spinal technologies for the treatment of degenerative disc disease. Product areas covered by the scope of this report include artificial discs, dynamic stabilization systems (facet replacements, interspinous process spacers, and pedicle screws), kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty systems, nucleus replacements, and percutaneous intradiscal electrotherapy and plasma disc decompression devices.

During the forecast period covered by this report, the combined European market for spinal motion-preserving devices is projected to increase at a compound annual rate of 5.4%, reaching an estimated $524.8 million in the year 2017. The segment that is projected to experience the greatest growth is represented by sales of artificial discs, followed by dynamic stabilization systems and vertebral compression fracture repair products, with disc altering systems experiencing modest growth over the next half-decade. The European market for nucleus replacement devices for degenerative disc disease has declined in recent years.


i. Artificial Discs 
ii. Dynamic Stabilization 
iii. Vertebral Compression Fracture Products 
iv. Disc Altering Products 
v. Methodology 


1.1 Anatomy of the Human Spine 
	1.1.1 Vertebrae 
	1.1.2 Intervertebral Discs 
	1.1.3 Spinal Cord 
1.2 Bone Physiology and Remodeling 
1.3 Degenerative Disorders 
	1.3.1 Degenerative Disc Disease 
	1.3.2 Herniated Disc 
	1.3.3 Spinal Stenosis 
	1.3.4 Spondylosis 
	1.3.5 Spondylolisthesis 
	1.3.6 Osteoporosis 
	1.3.7 Rheumatoid Arthritis 
	1.3.8 Paget's Disease 

Exhibit 1-1: The Human Spine 
Exhibit 1-2: A Segment of the Spinal Column 
Exhibit 1-3: A Simple Illustrated Diagram of a Spinal Disc 
Exhibit 1-4: Common Degenerative Spinal Disorders 
Exhibit 1-5: Stages of a Disc Herniation 
Exhibit 1-6: A Healthy Cervical Spine in Comparison to  Spinal Stenosis and Herniation 
Exhibit 1-7: A Simple Illustrated Diagram of Spondylolisthesis in the Spine 
Exhibit 1-8: A Simple Illustrated Diagram of a Vertebral Compression Fracture 


2.1 Materials and Designs 
2.2 Artificial Cervical Discs 
	2.2.1 Selected Clinical Evidence Regarding Artificial Cervical Discs The Bryan Disc The Mobi-C Disc The Prestige Disc The ProDisc-C Disc The SECURE-C Disc 
2.3 Artificial Lumbar Discs 
	2.3.1 Products AxioMed Spine B. Braun Melsungen DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson Globus Medical LDR Ranier Technology Spinal Kinetics 
	2.3.2 Pipeline Products No Longer Under Development 
2.4 Market Analysis 
	2.4.1 Artificial Cervical Discs 
	2.4.2 Artificial Lumbar Discs 
2.5 Competitive Analysis 
	2.5.1 Artificial Cervical Discs 
	2.5.2 Artificial Lumbar Discs 

Exhibit 2-1: Differentiating Features of Artificial Disc Designs 
Exhibit 2-2: Important Mechanical Properties of Artificial Discs 
Exhibit 2-3: 2014, Selected Artificial Cervical Discs 
Exhibit 2-4: 2014, Selected Artificial Lumbar Discs 
Exhibit 2-5: Comparison of Second-Generation Artificial Lumbar Disc Technology with First-Generation Technology 
Exhibit 2-6: Europe, Artificial Discs, Combined Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 2-7: Europe, Artificial Cervical Discs, Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 2-8: Europe, Artificial Lumbar Discs, Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 2-9: 2012, Europe, Artificial Cervical Discs Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 2-10: 2012, Europe, Artificial Lumbar Discs Market, Share by Supplier 


3.1 Product Development Programs 
3.2 Abandoned Pipeline Products 
3.3 Market Analysis 

Exhibit 3-1: The Prosthetic Disc Nucleus 
Exhibit 3-2: The NeuDisc 
Exhibit 3-3: The Percutaneous Nucleus Replacement 


4.1 Types of Devices 
	4.1.1 Interspinous Process Spacers 
	4.1.2 Pedicle Screw Dynamic Stabilization Systems 
	4.1.3 Facet Replacements 
4.2 Indications 
4.3 Products 
	4.3.1 Interspinous Process Spacers Scient'x/Alphatec Spine Biomet DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson Globus Medical Medtronic Paradigm Spine Simpirica Spine Vertiflex Zimmer 
	4.3.2 Pedicle Screw-Based Dynamic Stabilization Systems DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson Globus Medical Mekanika Paradigm Spine Scient'x/Alphatec Spine SpineVision Zimmer 
	4.3.3 Facet Replacement Globus Medical Premia Spine Zyga Technology 
4.4 Market Analysis 
4.5 Competitive Analysis 

Exhibit 4-1: Anatomic Changes Achieved by Dynamic Stabilization Devices 
Exhibit 4-2: 2014, Selected Interspinous Process Spacers 
Exhibit 4-3: 2014, Selected Pedicle Screw-Based Dynamic Stabilization Systems 
Exhibit 4-4: 2014, Selected Facet Replacement Products 
Exhibit 4-5: Europe, Dynamic Stabilization Products, Market Forecast, By Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 4-6: 2012, Dynamic Stabilization Products Market, Share by Supplier 


5.1 Vertebroplasty 
	5.1.1 Polymethylmethacrylate Alternatives 
	5.1.2 Products 
5.2 Kyphoplasty/Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems 
	5.2.1 Products 
5.3 Other Vertebral Augmentation Systems 
5.4 Market Analysis 
	5.4.1 Vertebroplasty 
	5.4.2 Kyphoplasty and Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems 
5.5 Competitive Analysis 
	5.5.1 Vertebroplasty 
	5.5.2 Kyphoplasty and Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems 

Exhibit 5-1: The Vertebroplasty Procedure 
Exhibit 5-2: Vertebroplasty Indications and Contraindications 
Exhibit 5-3: 2014, Selected Vertebroplasty Systems 
Exhibit 5-4: The Balloon Kyphoplasty Procedure 
Exhibit 5-5: Kyphoplasty, Selected Advantages and Disadvantages 
Exhibit 5-6: 2014, Selected Kyphoplasty and Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems 
Exhibit 5-7: 2014, Selected Alternative Vertebral Augmentation Systems 
Exhibit 5-8: Europe, Vertebroplasty Systems, Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 5-9: Europe, Kyphoplasty and Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems, Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 5-10: 2012, Europe, Vertebroplasty Systems Market, Share by Supplier 
Exhibit 5-11: 2012, Europe, Kyphoplasty and Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation Systems Market, Share by Supplier 


6.1 Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy
	6.1.1 Clinical Evidence 
	6.1.2 Practice Guidelines 
	6.1.3 Products 
6.2 Plasma Disc Decompression 
	6.2.1 Clinical Evidence 
	6.2.2 Practice Guidelines 
6.3 Emerging Technology
6.4 Market Analysis 
6.5 Competitive Analysis 

Exhibit 6-1: The SpineCath Intradiscal Catheter 
Exhibit 6-2: The Plasma Disc Decompression Procedure 
Exhibit 6-3: Europe, Disc Altering Products, Market Forecast, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 6-4: Europe, Disc Altering Products, Market Forecast, by Country, 2012-2017 
Exhibit 6-5: 2012, Europe, Disc Altering Products Market, Share by Supplier 



  1. Algea Therapies/Globus Medical, Inc.
  2. Alphatec Spine, Inc.
  3. ArthroCare Corporation
  4. Ascendx Spine, Inc.
  5. A-Spine Asia Co., LTD
  6. AxioMed Spine Corporation
  7. Baxano Surgical, Inc.
  8. Benvenue Medical, Inc.
  9. Biomet, Inc.
  10. BoneSupport AB
  11. B. Braun Melsungen AG
  12. CareFusion Corporation
  13. Centinel Spine, Inc.
  14. Cook Medical/Cook Group Inc.
  15. Crosstrees Medical, Inc.
  16. DePuy Synthes, Inc./Johnson & Johnson
  17. DFine, Inc.
  18. Fidelity Biosciences/Fidelity Investments
  19. Globus Medical, Inc.
  20. Heraeus Medical GmbH/Heraeus Holding GmbH
  21. Integra LifeSciences Corporation
  22. IP Navigation Group LLC
  23. LDR Holding Corporation
  24. Medicrea Group
  25. Medtronic, Inc.
  26. Mekanika, Inc.
  27. MiMedx Group, Inc.
  28. NeuroTherm, Inc.
  29. NuVasive, Inc.
  30. Osseon Therapeutics, Inc.
  31. Paradigm Spine GmbH
  32. Premia Spine LTD
  33. Rachiotek LLC
  34. Ranier Technology LTD
  35. Relievant Medsystems, Inc.
  36. Replication Medical, Inc.
  37. RTI Surgical, Inc.
  38. Scient'x/Alphatec Spine, Inc.
  39. Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
  40. Simpirica Spine, Inc.
  41. Sintea Plustek Srl
  42. Smith & Nephew PLC
  43. Spinal Kinetics, Inc.
  44. SpinalMotion, Inc.
  45. Spineology, Inc.
  46. SpineVision SA
  47. Spine Wave, Inc.
  48. Stryker Corporation
  49. Tecres SpA
  50. Teknimed SAS
  51. Trimedyne, Inc.
  52. VertiFlex, Inc.
  53. Vexim SAS
  54. Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
  55. Zyga Technology, Inc.
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