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According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), approximately 35%, or nearly one out of three adults age 20 years or older were classified as obese in 2012 (the latest available statistics) based on a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or greater. This translates to more than 100 million obese people in the U.S.-a staggering number. Obesity has become such as concern due to increasing prevalence and the rise of serious health-related co-morbidities, such as type 2 diabetes, that it has recently been recognized by the American Medical Association, as well as other medical and government organizations, as a chronic disease. Due to the fact that type 2 diabetes and obesity are closely linked, the rise of obesity is increasing the prevalence of diabetes, making it critical to develop improved medical treatments to more effectively treat both conditions.

The fact that the overweight, obese and morbidly obese population remains vastly undertreated (in the U.S. and worldwide) bodes very well for next-generation obesity drugs and devices, as it leaves significant room for companies to profit and grow revenues in the coming decade in a virtually untapped U.S. market, expected to be valued at more than $1.8 billion by the year 2020.

This dynamic, new report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of selected products, current/forecast markets, surgical procedure volumes, competitors, market share by supplier, and opportunities in the U.S. Obesity Drugs and Devices Market. Specifically, this report covers leading and emerging prescription-based weight loss (obesity) drugs, and minimally invasive medical devices, including: laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) systems, intragastric balloon systems, implantable gastric stimulation devices, and other emerging device-based technologies, including nonsurgical/incisionless, transorally inserted or next-generation minimally invasive weight loss device therapies.

In 2014, the total, combined U.S. market for "new" obesity drugs and (minimally invasive medical) devices for the treatment of obesity was estimated at approximately $374.7 million. Over the forecast period, the total market is expected to advance at a healthy, double-digit compound annual rate of 32.4%, from an estimated $455.4 million in 2015 to an estimated $1,852.1 million in the year 2020.


I. U.S. Obesity Drugs & Devices Market
II. Methodology

Exhibit ES-1: U.S. Obesity Drugs & Devices Market, 2013-2020


1.1 Leading Obesity Drugs
	1.1.1 Genentech/Roche Group (Xenical)
	1.1.2 Vivus (Qsymia)
	1.1.3 Arena Pharmaceuticals/Eisai (Belviq)
	1.1.4 Orexigen Therapeutics/Takeda (Contrave)
1.2 Emerging Obesity Drugs
	1.2.1 Gelesis (Gelesis100)
	1.2.2 Hanmi Pharmaceuticals (LAPS CA-Exendin-4/HPP4404)
	1.2.3 Novo Nordisk (Saxenda) Victoza (liraglutide)
	1.2.4 Orexigen Therapeutics (Empatic)
	1.2.5 Rhythm Pharmaceuticals (RM-493)
	1.2.6 Zafgen (Beloranib)
1.3 Market Analysis
	1.3.1 Market Forecast Market Drivers Market Limiters
	1.3.2 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 1-1: 2015, FDA Approved Obesity Drugs
Exhibit 1-2: Xenical, SWOT Analysis
Exhibit 1-3: Qsymia, SWOT Analysis
Exhibit 1-4: Belviq, SWOT Analysis
Exhibit 1-5: Contrave, SWOT Analysis
Exhibit 1-6: 2015, Selected Obesity Drugs Recently FDA Approved or Under Development
Exhibit 1-7: Gelesis100 Mechanism of Action
Exhibit 1-8: New Obesity Drugs, Market Forecast, 2013-2020
Exhibit 1-9: 2013, New Obesity Drugs Market, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 1-10: 2014, New Obesity Drugs Market, Share by Supplier


2.1 Leading LAGB Systems
	2.1.1 Apollo Endosurgery
	2.1.2 Ethicon Endo-Surgery/Johnson & Johnson
	2.1.3 Other LAGB Systems (Available Outside the U.S.) Agency for Medical Innovations Cousin Biotech Helioscopie Medical Innovation Developpement
2.2 Market Analysis
	2.2.1 Procedure Volumes Forecast
	2.2.2 Market Forecast Market Drivers Market Limiters
	2.2.3 Competitive Analysis

Exhibit 2-1: Risks Associated with Gastric Banding  and Abdominal/Bariatric Surgery
Exhibit 2-2: 2015, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Systems
Exhibit 2-3: Apollo EndoSurgery's LAP-BAND
Exhibit 2-4: Key Benefits and Risks of the LAP-BAND Procedure
Exhibit 2-5: Excess Weight Loss with the LAP-BAND System Compared to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass at 3 Years and Beyond
Exhibit 2-6: Ethicon Endo-Surgery's Curved Adjustable Gastric Endo Band, Features and Benefits
Exhibit 2-7: Comparison of Gastric Banding, Gastric Bypass, and Sleeve Gastrectomy
Exhibit 2-8: Agency for Medical Innovations' Soft Gastric Band Premium
Exhibit 2-9: Cousin Biotech's Bioring Adjustable Gastric Band
Exhibit 2-10: Helioscopie's Heliogast HAGA Adjustable Gastric Band
Exhibit 2-11: Medical Innovation Developpement's MIDBAND Adjustable Gastric Band
Exhibit 2-12: Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2013-2020
Exhibit 2-13: Estimated Number of Bariatric Surgeries, U.S. Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2013-2020
Exhibit 2-14: 2015 and 2020, Comparison of Estimated Bariatric Surgical Volumes, by Percentage and Type of Surgery
Exhibit 2-15: Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding,  Market Forecast, 2013-2020
Exhibit 2-16: 2013, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Systems, Share by Supplier
Exhibit 2-17: 2014, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Systems Market, Share by Supplier


3.1 Apollo Endosurgery
3.2 Helioscopie
3.3 ReShape Medical
3.4 Spatz FGIA
3.5 Obalon Therapeutics
3.6 Market Analysis
	3.6.1 Market Drivers
	3.6.2 Market Limiters

Exhibit 3-1: Apollo Endosurgery's Orbera Managed Weight Loss System
Exhibit 3-2: Helioscopie's Heliosphere Intragastric Balloon
Exhibit 3-3: ReShape Duo Intragastric Balloon System
Exhibit 3-4: REDUCE Pivotal Trial Results
Exhibit 3-5: The Spatz Adjustable Balloon System
Exhibit 3-6: Risks of Intragastric Balloon Placement
Exhibit 3-7: The Spatz Adjustable Balloon Procedure
Exhibit 3-8: The Obalon Gastric Balloon System Features and Possible Complications
Exhibit 3-9: Intragastric Balloon Therapy, Procedure Volumes  Forecast, 2015-2020
Exhibit 3-10: Intragastric Balloon Systems, Market Forecast, 2015-2020


4.1 EnteroMedics
4.2 MetaCure
4.3 Market Analysis
	4.3.1 Market Drivers
	4.3.2 Market Limiters

Exhibit 4-1: 2015, Implantable Pulse Generators Developed for the of Obesity
Exhibit 4-2: EnteroMedics' Maestro System
Exhibit 4-3: Overview of EnteroMedics' VBLOC Therapy and Vagus Nerve Function
Exhibit 4-4: Potential Benefits and Risks of VBLOC Therapy
Exhibit 4-5: Comparison of VBLOC Therapy, Laparoscopic Banding, and Gastric Bypass
Exhibit 4-6: MetaCure's DIAMOND (TANTALUS) Gastric Stimulation System
Exhibit 4-7: Implantable VBLOC Therapy Devices, EnteroMedics, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2015-2020
Exhibit 4-8: Implantable VBLOC Therapy Devices, EnteroMedics, Market Forecast, 2015-2020


5.1 Aspire Bariatrics
5.2 BAROnova
5.3 EndoSphere, Inc.
5.4 GI Dynamics
5.5 Onciomed
5.6 Scientific Intake
5.7 TransEnterix
5.8 USGI Medical
5.9 Others

Exhibit 5-1: 2015, Selected Emerging Medical Device Technologies for the Treatment of Obesity
Exhibit 5-2: Aspire Bariatric's AspireAssist
Exhibit 5-3: EndoSphere's SatiSphere
Exhibit 5-4: GI Dynamic's EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner and Procedure
Exhibit 5-5: Scientific Intake's SMART Device
Exhibit 5-6: USGI Medical's Incisionless Operating Platform
Exhibit 5-7: Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal


ii. New Obesity Drugs Market
iii. Obesity Devices Market

Exhibit 6-1: U.S. Obesity Drugs & Devices Market, 2013-2020
Exhibit 6-2: U.S. New Obesity Drugs Market, 2013-2020
Exhibit 6-3: U.S. Obesity Devices Market, 2013-2020



  1. Agency for Medical Innovations (A.M.I)
  2. Allurion Technologies
  3. Apollo Endosurgery
  4. Arena Pharmaceuticals
  5. Aspire Bariatrics
  6. BARONova
  7. Cousin Biotech
  8. Covidien plc
  9. EndoSphere, Inc.
  10. EnteroMedics
  11. Eisai, Inc.
  12. Ethicon, Inc.
  13. Gelesis
  14. Genentech/Roche Group
  15. GI Dynamics
  16. Hanmi Pharmaceuticals
  17. Helioscopie
  18. IntraPace, Inc.
  19. Johnson & Johnson
  20. Medical Innovation Developpement
  21. MetaCure
  22. Novo Nordisk
  23. Obalon Therapeutics
  24. Onciomed
  25. Orexigen Therapeutics
  26. ReShape Medical
  27. Rhythm Pharmaceuticals
  28. Scientific Intake Ltd. Co.
  29. Spatz FGIA, Inc.
  30. Takeda
  31. TransEnterix, Inc.
  32. USGI Medical
  33. Vivus
  34. Zafgen, Inc.
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