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Adan Medical Innovation - Our technology combines an app with a smartcase for autoinjectors to help patients manage their condition. Our first product, anAPPhylaxis, is for allergic individuals that have to carry at all times 2 epinephrine autoinjectors to prevent death in case of anaphylaxis, an extreme allergic reaction. (View Sample Presentation)
Admetsys - Automated, high-precision diabetic control systems for hospital and surgical care (View Sample Presentation)
AuriGen Medical - AuriGen Medical is an Irish electrophysiology and structural heart company committed to transforming the management of persistent atrial fibrillation by developing the first cardiac implant to treat both the stroke and arrhythmia risk associated with this devastating condition. (View Sample Presentation)
AVVie - AVVie GmbH has created a unique technology for cardiac mitral valve prolapse repair; the Mitral Butterfly® implant. The implant offers minimally invasive reconstruction of the mitral valve for degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR), or mitral valve prolapse (MVP), due to elongation or rupture of the chordal apparatus. The device consists of a nitinol stent and a PTFE (polymer) matrix, which represents artificial chordae. It can be delivered either surgically or via a transvascular approach onto the compromised segment of the valve in a minimally invasive procedure, with no need for open-heart surgery. (View Sample Presentation)
DxNow - Microfluidic sperm separation devices for human and veterinary assisted reproduction applications. (View Sample Presentation)
EarlyCell - First-in-class breakthrough technology for isolation of rare fetal cells directly from maternal blood to enable complete prenatal genetic and other diagnosis. Unique access to entire information content available only in an intact fetal cell for medical diagnosis, decisions, and for upcoming in utero gene therapy. (View Sample Presentation)
Impleo Medical - Company is developing a device therapy for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The device is injected in the lower esophagus in a one-time procedure during GI endoscopy with no overnight hospital stay. (View Sample Presentation)
Medical Ingenuities - Radial Patent Hemostasis Band or "PH Band" - Radial artery occlusion device that achieves and confirms patent hemostasis. Only the PH Band, acting as a Smart Band-Aid, will be the only FDA Approved Device to gain Patent Hemostasis at closure, eliminating the 10% Radial Artery Occlusion (RAO). (View Sample Presentation)
Suono Bio - Use of low frequency ultrasound to deliver unformulated therapeutics such as mRNA, siRNA, macromolecules directly into tissue. Initial focus on gastrointestional system and skin diseases. (View Sample Presentation)
SUTUREGARD Medical - We are on a mission to close more wounds. Our technology allows surgeons to quickly yet gently stretch skin and close wounds that are not able to be closed with standard suture technique. This makes a whole category or wounds that usually require a skin graft or skin flap now closeable in a simple linear fashion. Our target market is skin cancer surgery. (View Sample Presentation)
ThermopeutiX - The TwinFlo™ Catheter is designed to treat and protect the ischemic brain by providing rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia. It will offer a major advancement to the technology and treatment paradigms available to patients facing serious neurological damage and death. The unique design of TwinFlo™ results in more rapid and deeper localized cooling of the brain, while maintaining the remainder of the body at normal temperature (selective hypothermia). This differs from other hypothermia treatments that are unable to bring the brain to a sufficiently low temperature without significant total-body cooling and detrimental systemic effects. The design also permits selective drug and/or device delivery concurrent with the hypothermia treatment. (View Sample Presentation)
Vytronus - Robotics, imaging and ablation in an integrated system for the treatment of atrial fibrilation (View Sample Presentation)
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Sample EMT Spotlight Profile
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Presenter: Boaz Assaf, CEO
Financing Status: Seeking Funding
Round: Series C
Amount: $6-$8M
Development Status: CE Marked, Pilot clinical trial completed ready to launch FDA pivotal trial
Sales Projection: $7,725,000 in 2021
Seeking Partners: Financing, M&A, Licensing


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