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We are seeking safe and efficient solutions that deliver minimally invasive treatment in the following fields:
  • Flexible endoscopic procedures in the Gastrointestinal & Respiratory fields
  • Laparoscopic surgery & Gynecological surgery in the General Surgery field
  • Flexible or rigid endoscopic procedures in the Urology & Gynecology fields
  • Flexible endoscopic procedures in the Ear, Nose and Throat field
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(Note) Any ideas, documents or information submitted in contacting us should be on a non-confidential basis. All ideas must have a patent filing.

For more than 30 years Ximedica has provided a unique growth platform enabling organizations to successfully deploy medical technology products into the market. Ximedica was formed in 1985 by two Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduates, Aidan Petrie and Stephen Lane. From those earliest days to today, the application of "human-centered" design thinking to the innovation and product creation processes remains central to the company's success. In 2014 SV Life Sciences purchased a majority stake in the firm, recognizing that Ximedica is unique in providing a comprehensive service platform - a much needed option in the evolving ecosystem of outsourced medical device development. Throughout its history Ximedica has unearthed new opportunities for clients, solved difficult development challenges, delivered cutting edge innovative solutions and added considerably to patent counts.

An angel investment group created to leverage cross-pacific business opportunities by investing in early stage life science and healthcare companies with an Asia connection with the goals of: (1) Provide a funding source to emerging life science and healthcare companies that have a business focus on China/Asia and are pre-venture capital or do not fit traditional funding models, (2) Identify and present well-vetted cross-border investment opportunities to the membership, (3)Simplify the investment vehicle for members, companies and follow-on investors, and (4) Contribute business, scientific and regional expertise to companies to improve probability for success

Insurance Solutions for the Medical Technology and Life Sciences Industry. Medmarc is the longest serving underwriter of products liability insurance for manufacturers and distributors of medical technology and life sciences products.

SIMPLIFYING PR. For life sciences, medical device, biotech and smart technologies. No other PR firm can create the level of lead generation, brand visibility and investor interest like Springboard5.

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