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Brain+ - Brain+ creates digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions using neurogames and gamified behavioral therapy, delivered on the award-winning Brain+ RECOVER platform and app. After positive clinical results in multiple pilot trials, the Brain+ RECOVER platform is now being clinically tested in large scale randomized controlled studies in Parkinson's disease, Major depressive disorder, Traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer's Disease patients, funded by the Danish Innovation Fund. (View Sample Presentation)
Cam Med - Cam Med is developing the Evopump, the first truly bandage-like, actively controllable patch pump for delivering one or multiple injectable medications. (View Sample Presentation)
CorInnova - CorInnova is developing a non-blood contacting biventricular cardiac assist device to treat end stage heart failure (HF). (View Sample Presentation)
Mimetis Biomaterials - Bone regenerative solutions. 4th gen synthetic bone regenerative solution. Biomimetic technology. (View Sample Presentation)
Neurallys - Neurallys is working in the field of neurosciences and is developing a connected medical device to improve the comfort of life of patients suffering from hydrocephalus (high intracranial pressure) and to bring the neurosurgeons a new tool to better follow-up their patients (View Sample Presentation)
PhotoniCare - PhotoniCare is a medical device company that has developed a low-cost, handheld imaging platform that uses light to see through tissue. Our first product on this platform is a device that can see through the eardrum to visualize the middle ear without cutting the eardrum open. We have subsequent products in ophthalmic, dental, and consumer applications. (View Sample Presentation)
SELFA - SELFA is a medical device company based on a semiconductor biosensor with extraordinary sensitivity, scalable multiplexing, simultaneous protein and nucleic acid quantitation. (View Sample Presentation)
Smart Medical Devices - Smart Medical Devices, Inc., a company founded by surgeons for surgeons, developed the revolutionary dual-motor SMARTdrill® to improve patient outcomes in orthopedic surgery. Only the SMARTdrill® measures depth, prevents plunge, measures bone density, reduces waste, provides real-time performance data, and uploads the data to a global bone database. (View Sample Presentation)
SweetBio - SweetBio is revolutionizing the healing of dental and chronic wounds through our Manuka honey-incorporated, biodegradable medical devices. (View Sample Presentation)
Xact Medical - Xact is bringing a first-in-class point of care robot to market, with an initial focus on pediatric vascular access. The robotic ultrasound transducers can be used with select existing ultrasound infrastructure. (View Sample Presentation)
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Sample EMT Spotlight Profile
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Presenter: Boaz Assaf, CEO
Financing Status: Seeking Funding
Round: Series C
Amount: $6-$8M
Development Status: CE Marked, Pilot clinical trial completed ready to launch FDA pivotal trial
Sales Projection: $7,725,000 in 2021
Seeking Partners: Financing, M&A, Licensing


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